Chapter 1 Haven’t Been Bullied in Many Years

“What’s all this…”

An Yun’s gaze swept across the room decorated entirely in pink, and the corners of his mouth were filled with undisguised disgust.

Even if all the aesthetics in front of you are from yourself ten years ago!

She clearly remembered that she used a sniper rifle at the target of this assassination mission, but in the next second, she was lying on a pink princess bed made of lace!

Is this going to kill her? !

My mother is busy killing people!

Although it has been three days since I came back, An Yun still feels unreal!

This is not the era she is familiar with-the era of her killer queen!

That’s right, she is back, back to ten years ago, she is eighteen years old this year…

No longer the frightening female killer!

Instead, I went back to the girl who was bullied ten years ago!

This is her home, the only legacy her parents left to their sisters-a villa worth tens of millions, nothing else.

However, in the last life, the second uncle and the third uncle forced the transfer of the house to their names. After that, it was the beginning of all her suffering…

An Yun clenched his fists, her clear eyes burst out with sharp gazes that she hadn’t even noticed.

Yes, I’m so used to life, she is about to forget, and she has had such a time when it was slaughtered by others.

After all, she hasn’t been bullied for many years…


When An Jun was thinking about it, suddenly a bunch of car lights lit up at the entrance of the manor. Because of the light facing each other, An Jun couldn’t see the license plate number, and could only vaguely distinguish it was a Hummer off-road vehicle with a military license plate.

An Yun knew that only his younger uncle Wei Hanjue was able to come and go freely at this time!

At the thought of the name Wei Hanjue, An Yun frowned slightly-this time my uncle shouldn’t be that scary…


“Sister, get up quickly!” There was an urgent-heavy knock on the door, and it was An Qing’s voice.

An Qing!

My good sister!

An Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression gloomy, but he returned to normal in a flash.

“Come!” An Yun replied indifferently, and then got up to open the door.

“Sister, my uncle is here, let’s go downstairs quickly, today is my birthday! I don’t know if my uncle will bring me a gift…” A pair of soft-boneless little hands climbed up very affectionately and naturally. An Yun’s arm made An Yun’s nerves tighten instantly.

Today is An Qing’s birthday!

An Yun’s pupils shrank slightly, remembering the day when he was forced by his second uncle and third uncle to change the name of the manor to the two in his previous life-it was the birthday of his younger sister An Qing!

It’s today!

An Yun tried her best to calm her emotions. In the last life, she had taken heart and lungs to all her relatives, but she didn’t know that it was the family she cared about the most that caused the destruction of her family in the end!

The two greedy and rogue second and third uncles, and the selfish sister An Qing in front of him…

Oh no!

An Yun squinted slightly—An Qing is not her sister…


An Qing was startled by An Jun’s sudden coldness, and the hairs all over his body stood upright, but when he looked at An Jun’s expression again, he still had a lukewarm expression on his face.

Since An Jun woke up from a serious illness, he has always been in this way, completely different from the intimacy with him before.

“Sister, are you still blaming me?” An Qing cautiously grabbed An Yun’s hand, a pair of moist eyes embedded with a hint of water, and looked like a pitiful, “Brother Shang Ming came to find me… …”

An Jun lowered his eyes, his eyes fell on An Qing’s grasping his own hand.

In the previous life, it was these two hands that forced oneself into desperation!

And she doesn’t even know how she offends An Qing, so after allowing An Qing to gain power, she will spare no effort to kill herself!

“Sister…” An Qing’s heart shrank slightly, “You… didn’t you say that you broke up with Brother Shang Ming?”

An Yun smiled secretly, and then remembered that this so-called’Brother Shang Ming’ seemed to be her ex-boyfriend? !

In the last life, An Jun knew that the relationship between An Qing and Xu Shangming was ambiguous, and he was still sad for a while, but now he only has nausea!

“Yes, we have broken up!” An Yun withdrew his hand without any action, for fear that she would be tempted to throw An Qing away if she continued to speak, and this changed the subject, “Didn’t you say that the uncle is here.” Is it? Let’s go down!”

As soon as Wei Hanjue was mentioned, An Qing’s face was immediately filled with joy and eagerness. An Qing originally had a well-behaved appearance. When this joy was unreservedly presented on his face, it gave people a kind of joy. It feels innocent and innocent, but the appearance of a few pimples on his face is a bit more pretty, but it still makes people love it.

However, this does not include An Yun…


At this time, Wei Hanjue was sitting on the sofa with a face of indifference, and the iron-blooded killings in the army all year round gave him a terrifying aura, which made people fearful.

Although Wei Hanjue was not wearing a military uniform at this time, a well-tailored suit on him gave people a strong sense of nobility and abstinence. A face that was so handsome and maddening did not spoil that sturdyness in the slightest. The terrifying aura, on the contrary, added a domineering arrogance to the world.

It’s no wonder that outsiders must respectfully shout’Lord Sir’ when they see Wei Hanjue!


The entire living room was full of people. From the escalator on the second floor, it was crowded, but there was no sound.


An Jun and An Qing called Wei Hanjue one after another, and they stood aside honestly.

There was silence in the whole living room, the needle drop could be heard, everyone lowered their heads and waited quietly for Wei Hanjue to speak.

An Yun stood at the back with his head down. The quiet environment reminded her of what happened in this hall in her previous life!

It was in this hall that the two uncles and the third uncles used a few children to go to school and settle down the hukou, so they got their ideas on this villa under their own name, and that is, since losing this villa, she slowly Lost everything…

“Second, third! What you told me before…” Wei Hanjue’s cold voice sounded, and the second uncle An Jianbang and the third uncle An Jianmin quickly raised their heads to look at Wei Hanjue, with all their faces flattering. Please.

Although Wei Hanjue used to be a settler, since passing over to Wei’s father more than 20 years ago, Wei Hanjue has taken two diametrically opposed paths with An’s family.

Wei Hanjue is now the fearful existence of the entire Jin Capital. He holds the command of the Fourth Special Forces. He is already a colonel at the age of twenty-eight. It is no exaggeration to say a word of power. Anyone who mentions Wei Hanjue’s name will have a fear and tremor rising from the bottom of his heart.

However, the An family had been defeated more than ten years ago, and they became a group of poor relatives who depended on Wei Hanjue for assistance. Therefore, the An family all bowed to their knees in front of Wei Hanjue.

Without Wei Hanjue, I am afraid that the settlers would not have the food and clothing they have now.

“Lord, what do you mean?” Second Uncle An Jianbang rubbed his hands nervously.

Wei Hanjue’s gaze swept across the crowd unhurriedly, and he seemed to inadvertently stay on An Yun’s body for a few seconds, causing An Yun’s hair to rise, and his back became stiff.


“I’m not the An family anymore, you can figure it out by yourself!” Wei Hanjue retracted his gaze and said faintly, his voice was cold and expensive, and there was a disturbing sense of oppression.


An Yun’s brows frowned slightly, but it was as if a heart raised up high finally fell to the ground…

It’s time to come!