Chapter 1790 Don’t Tell Me That Nie Feng Used Half A Bottle…

Su Jin was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot at this time. He was not yet mentally prepared at this time. Nie Feng suddenly and unintentionally recruited, then he was…

“Li… Li Shao, then… Is there anything that can solve that thing?” Su Jinji’s forehead was sweating.

“Of course…”

Su Jin couldn’t help but brighten up, “What is it?”

“Just do it…”

Su Jin:…

Listening to Su Jin’s words, Nie Feng had noticed that the liquid was a little bit wrong, because the temperature in his hands was too abnormal, and, what’s more, it was not just pure heat…

At this time, Nie Feng only felt that the temperature in his hands was receding a little bit, but after that, an uncontrollable hotness rose in his body…

“Su Jin, what’s in your bottle?” Nie Feng had already thought of something at this time, and immediately frowned and looked at Su Jin.

Su Jin couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva fiercely. He didn’t dare to look at Nie Feng’s face for a while, but he could only bite the bullet and tell the truth, “Just… it’s the love supplies that Li Shao gave me…”

Nie Feng’s face immediately sank…

At this time, Li Mujun on the phone apparently heard what Nie Feng and Su Jin were saying, as if he suddenly wanted to understand something, and immediately said with a gleeful expression, “Don’t tell me that Nie Feng used half a bottle…”

Su Jin’s face was pale and nodded, only then began to tremble, “Young Master Li, help…”

Li Mujun was immediately amused by Su Jin’s words, “Damn, haven’t you been looking forward to having a relationship with Nie Feng? Why did you persuade you at the critical moment?”

Su Jin is almost crying right now. What’s more, now that time is running out, he has no time to talk to Li Mujun anymore, “Then what, Young Master Li, I will take Nie Feng to the hospital first, and hang up first…”

With that said, before Li Mujun could speak, Su Jin had already hung up the phone.

“Damn it!” Li Mujun looked at the hung-up cell phone with a dumbfounded look, “Wasting Lao Tzu’s good things…”

At this time, Lu Qi had just come out of the bathroom, with a white bath towel around his waist, walking and rubbing his wet hair, “What’s wrong? What’s going on with Su Jin?”

Li Mujun subconsciously turned his head to look at Lu Qi, just in time to see that Lu Qi’s body was shining with fragile light, and the water droplets that had not had time to dry fell down along the muscle texture, washing out a line of sexual gan.

Lu Qi seemed to notice the look in Li Mujun’s eyes, and then glared at Li Mujun with a sullen expression, turned around and took the pajamas on the sofa and put it on.

Li Mujun was stunned with regret on his face, and then he hooked Lu Qi, “Come here, come over and tell you…”

Lu Qi stepped back subconsciously, turned around and walked towards the bedroom, “I love you or not…”

“Hey, I said…I said it’s okay?” Li Mujun stood up subconsciously, grabbed Lu Qi’s arm, and dragged Lu Qi onto the sofa to sit down.

Because Lu Qi had just finished taking a shower, his skin was damp with water vapor, mixed with the refreshing smell of shower gel.

“I sent a bottle of reminder and love oil to Su Jin, and I don’t know how Nie Feng poured half a bottle in his hand… Su Jin plans to take Nie Feng to the hospital now…”

Lu Qi:…