Our Shiny Days – 闪光少女

Our Shiny Days – 闪光少女
Other name: Shan guang shao nu
Genre(s): Music, Comedy, Romance, Youth
Release: Dec 16, 2019 – Jan 1, 2020
Episode(s): 24
Country: China
Broadcast: iQiyi
Writer(s): Bao Jing Jing
Cast: Zhou Yi Ran, Hao Fu Shen, Li Yi Chen, Wang An Yu


A music-filled journey following Chen Jing, her male best friend, and a group of eccentric female students who are passionate about traditional Chinese music. Together, they form a band to challenge the preference of Western music at their music academy. Chen Jing is a student of folk music who specializes in the yangqin. She has a crush on Wang Wen who is the piano prodigy at the same academy. She tried to get his attention by volunteering to be his page-turner in his concerts but earns his ridicule when she failed to read western music properly. To prove that she has what it takes to go on stage, Chen Jing turns to the eccentric girls from dorm 502 for help. Together with her best friend, Li You, they start up a Chinese fusion band to popularise Chinese folk music for the general public.

Meanwhile, Chen He Xu, Chen Jing’s older cousin and a teacher at the academy, tries hard to bridge the divide between the warring students of Western and Chinese schools of music. Outside the school, Chen He Xu meets Feng An Yu who is a pop idol, and inspires him to re-evaluate his life as he begins to change hers. Will there be romantic music in the air for our group of musicians?