Ou Shao’s Criminal Wife

Ou Shao’s Criminal Wife
Other names: 欧少的掌上罪妻
Author: Banhu cream
Genre: Xianyan Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


When she first saw him, she rescued him from fire and water; goodbye, he used his arms to fend off the scumbag’s slander; she married him into a wealthy family, but has since fallen into dire straits. When she was forcibly locked into a mental hospital and cried, “Ze Xuan save me…” He was already pregnant with a beautiful woman, and he had forgotten her wretched wife. After regaining a new life, she returned with hatred. Like a ghost crawling out of hell, wishing to burn the whole world!

She was enchanting and enchanting, wandering among the many men, only wishing Ou’s family to pay the price, but he had pushed away the female star in his arms and blocked her in the corner, “Don’t come and be safe.” That night when the sky was roaring, he took her away Fished out of the mud in one place. “Why let me meet you!” She grabbed him and yelled loudly. “Because it is destined to let me pay your debt! Listen, if Susu is all to you, then you are all to me!” He took her into his arms regardless of her dirt. in. “Even if I want to use you, do you still want me?” “Then you can use me!”