Chapter 1 Suffering for the Body and Mind (1/1)

In the bathroom, the dim light slowly passed through the steaming mist, and the air gradually exuded the fragrance of shower gel. A woman wrapped in a bath towel looked at the slightly fuzzy mirror in front of her, her delicate eyebrows filled with surprise.

She had never seen this beautiful body.

Compared to this…

She stroked her cheek, felt the delicate skin at her fingertips, and she felt like waves in her heart. Her eyes were a little absent-minded and recalled the events of a few days ago-human death is always long, but this is not For her, it was only a moment. She lost consciousness when the internal organs broke. In other words, she was already dead and couldn’t die again.

But according to the current situation, the terrible accident before was like an ordinary nightmare, and his body was still intact when he woke up. just……

She touched the fuzzy mirror in a daze, and the coldness from her palm made her instantly withdraw her hand.

Is it a dream?

If it’s not a dream, then who is the person in the mirror… on earth?

The small space instantly brightened up, she leaned closer to try to figure out the face of the person in the mirror, her slender eyelashes flapping. Because of the bath, her body was slightly hot, and the air from her mouth blew away the steaming mist, and she raised the corners of her mouth unknowingly.

It doesn’t matter who the person in the mirror is now, what matters is–

Who said there is only one life?

In the crew venue, a bright sun slowly fell, and everyone gathered around to film with the director’s “choice”.

“Master, what are we going to do here? The person who was just tied in seems to be Jane…” The little eunuch hesitated, and received a heavy blow on the head when he was about to say something more.


“Shut up! Ask so much what to do!”

The old eunuch said calmly: “Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask, don’t watch if you shouldn’t, let’s just stay here as the mother ordered.”

The little eunuch, who had just entered the palace for a short time, naturally didn’t know these rules. He stepped back and took a peek into the gap. In the dimly lit room, only the corner of the bed was shining with a cold light. Not far away, the mother holding a knife gave a nasty smirk, and the sharp tip of the knife slashed through the air: “Hey hey…little lord, you Don’t blame the servant.”

The woman called the “little lord” wore a single shirt that was washed to a little fading. She looked at the knife in front of her with horror, but the rope tied her so tightly that she couldn’t escape from this woman even if she struggled. . As if seeing through her mind, the mother raised her hand to pull her chin.

“To blame, you have such a face that the emperor likes so much. How much this emperor likes you, so much our empress hates you. Hey, the empress who is exquisite and beautiful…”

A bit of pride flashed in the muddy eyes of the mother, and even the hand holding the knife was a bit harder.

“The empress specially confessed to the servant girl to show her hand to the little master, on your little face…”

“Icing on the cake!”

The sharp tip of the knife slashed through the air and drew it straight towards her face. But the cold knife felt an abnormal feeling, until there was a tingling pain on her face, warm blood spread from the tip of the knife, and the tied woman’s heart trembled and her eyes tightened.

——This, this is a real sword!

How to do? Stop! Stop! !

Shen Yue looked at the knife next to her face in despair, thinking that she was unlucky. It was obvious that she had finally turned from an extra to a stand-in today. Why did she encounter this incident?

The heart in her chest began to beat fiercely, and she cast a vigorous look at the mother, but unfortunately the other party didn’t notice what she wanted to express, and then swiped the knife a few inches in. Shen Yue gritted his teeth. In order to be as realistic as possible with the acting, not only would his hands and feet be tied up, but even his mouth would be sealed honestly.

After a panic, she calmed down instead.

Fortunately, the broken chair found by the crew was not strong. A long time ago when she sat on it, she felt that one of the chair legs was lame. With this, she swayed the chair with her body to fall in the direction of the mother, secretly using her feet to find a way to control her.

“哢哢哢哢哢哢!!” Lòng lòng lòng lòng lòng lòng!!

The director stood up from the table, and almost lost the script in his hand towards Shen Yue. Fortunately, the director himself did not do this, but spit on Shen Yue’s mouth with anger: “What’s the matter with you!”

“Why are you a stuntman! According to the script! The heroine in this scene is going to be disfigured! Disfigurement!!! What are you hiding!!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, my waist…”

At this time, the mother who was pushed aside by her also lay on the ground in a timely manner and wailed, and the scene was quite chaotic for a moment.


Shen Yue turned to look at the grandmother who got up from the ground, frowned and wanted to prove to the director: “Director, what she just took is not a prop, it’s a real knife!!!”

“It’s wrong, I have always been holding a prop knife! Don’t believe me!” The mother took the knife and scribbled a few knives on her face. There was obviously no knife wound on her wrinkled face. Coupled with everyone’s comments and a few drops of my own tears, everyone looked at Shen Yuedao’s eyes for a while.

“You lied, I just used a real knife, and my face was scratched!”

Shen Yue pointed to his face, but the director sighed: “I said you have a little professionalism? For such a waste of cost, your wages in the past few days are not enough to compensate. Besides, a knife stroke like this What are you hypocritical? For this face of yours…”

Under everyone’s gaze, Shen Yue touched the huge scar on his face, and the director’s sarcasm poured into his ears: “It makes no difference if one more scar!”

“Hmph, today’s two hundred yuan is deducted, and you won’t come tomorrow!”

The director sat down with Erlang’s legs, and Shen Yue apologized quickly in his heart: “Director…Director, I’m sorry, I’m fine with this passage. Can you give me another chance?”

“What are you? Give you a chance? Am I giving you a chance to waste my time and waste my money?” The director snorted coldly, and he looked at Shen Yue disgustingly, and the script in his hand hit the table. Resound. Just when the atmosphere was stiff, the sound of high heels “click, click” came from outside the door.

The director, who had a Shura-like face on his face, instantly changed his expression. He fumbled his hands and stepped forward to compliment: “Oh, Heena, you finally came!”

——Heena is here!

Shen Yue also looked at the door very expectantly. Hena, who was surrounded by the crowd, was tall, and the high heels on her feet made her slimmer. For a long time, she said slowly: “Everyone is fortunate enough, I’m really sorry, I just came here now, there are too many announcements.”

The crew instantly became restless because of her arrival.

“Wow, it’s Zhuang Hena herself!”

“I have been in the crew for a month, and finally saw the deity. He is so beautiful~”

At this time, Zhuang Hena who took off her sunglasses casually glanced in Shen Yue’s direction, and stepped forward and said: “Ah! Why is your face hurt? I remember your name is…Shen Yue, right?”

“No… it’s okay, it was an accident.”

“Be careful in the future, how important a girl’s face is. New shoes are always hitting my feet, so I have band-aids in my bag. This will work again~” Zhuang Hena said as she opened herself Shen Yuexin took out a band-aid and put it on her.

It turns out that Hena is such a gentle person. This is the second time I have seen her. It’s even more beautiful when you look up close…

Shen Yue blinked, Herna had a decent makeup in front of her, and she only needed ordinary light makeup to bring out her good-looking features. Otherwise, she helped herself so kindly. Shen Yue glanced aside embarrassedly, feeling warm in her heart.

“Director Pang, I heard what you said as soon as I walked in. Are you going to fire Shen Yue?”

“Hey, it’s not because she doesn’t cherish the opportunity, she has to make a mistake.” The director touched her head a little embarrassedly when she met Zhuang Hena’s color.

“Leave her.”

Hena patted Shen Yue on the shoulder and said, “I chose her, so let’s give her another chance because of my face.”

As she said, she blinked at the director and made a coquettish look. The director sighed and acquiesced: “Well, my big beauties, big stars, there are so many outsiders who want to be your stand-in, but you are kind enough to have such a scar face. I feel that I am helping the poor.”

Shen Yue lowered her head and heard Hena comforting her: “Hey, don’t worry. It’s okay~”

“…Heena, thank you for interceding with me.”

“Fool, you are a substitute for me, I thank you!” Zhuang Hena comforted her, letting Shen Yue, who had been nervous, relax.

Somewhere in the alley after the crew closed.

The familiar female voice sounded: “This is a good two thousand yuan, you take it.”

The actor who played the grandmother during the day licked his fingers and took the banknotes in front of him and flattered: “Thank you, I’m embarrassed to give so many things like this. Haha, big star The shot is generous and very awkward.”

Zhuang Hena frowned, and glanced at the actor in front of him with a disdainful face and snorted coldly: “You talk a lot. If you take the money, you can quickly get out of it. Who wants you to ask me for money? Looking for my assistant?”

“Okay, I’m leaving now~”

The actor took the money and turned and left, but when he walked not far away, he looked back at the Zhuang Hena who was looking at the phone on the side of the road, and felt disgusted: “These stars are really superficial and behind the scenes. I know when Xiao Shen offended her.”

offend? Zhuang Hena looked at the headline on the phone screen: “Zhuang Hena’s face is exposed on her side, pure and moving, better than Meizun! 》Sneered:

“Huh, what are you writing about. Who else has a side face that is more beautiful than the deity now?”

At the same time, Shen Yue, who was off work, was walking on the empty road. She looked into the distance and muttered: “It’s so quiet, I get off work so late, and there is no one on the road…”

For a while, she looked at the silent surroundings and then took a breath.

“It’s a good time today, I almost lost my job. Fortunately, Heena intercedes. I’m so lucky. It’s great to meet such a good star the first time I changed from an extra to a stand-in. I’m so envious, I really want to have it. One day I can appear on the screen with my face again.”

Shen Yue slowly stroked her face, with a longing tone: “Even a second…”


Shen Yue knocked on her head again to wake herself up. What do you think, the face is like this, where is there any chance? Dreams still have to be realistic in order to have hope. That’s right, even if her face is disfigured, it can’t be the reason why she can’t live. Compared to these, she is still very strong.

As long as she works hard to earn money and strive to live a sufficient life, she will be satisfied.

However, a woman’s figure gradually appeared on the high-rise roof. Her blood-red dress gradually turned into a fragile red flower while it was falling at a rapid speed. The fragility of life can be imagined, and death is only a moment.

Realizing something, Shen Yue slowly raised her head, staring at the woman who jumped off the building for a moment, and her thoughts suddenly became confused.


She opened her eyes wide, and fell into the darkness just as she wanted to say something.