Chapter 996 is not reliable

Li Li next to him was stunned!

Jingxing won’t be so unreliable, right?

“En, don’t worry, dad, I will tell her to date tomorrow night, she must be dressed beautifully!” Xiao Bubu hung up the phone.

Jing Xing in the opposite car was still stunned.


Jing Xing tried to call again, but couldn’t connect!


“Tomorrow, don’t go to the company!” He originally wanted to let the security guard stop Li Li, but after thinking about it after waiting for several hours that day, it was better for him not to go to the company.

On the other side, Li Li called back with the phone, but couldn’t get through.

There was a snicker flashing the small steps next to the unplugged phone line, and then he hugged her thighs with both hands, “Mummy, you heard, Dad is going to date you!”

“Then you look at the stars, look at the moon, from poetry and song Fu talked about the philosophy of life, and finally chose a beautiful place,

huh, hug, slap … ” Li Li’s big amber eyes opened round and round, “Li step by step, you will Say what I just said again!”

Xiao Bubu didn’t feel that she was angry at all, and he really said it again.

“Who taught you?”

“Aunt Ning…” Step by step’s little fingers touched, separated, closed, and separated again…

“Senior sister is really bad!” Li Li angrily pulled Li Bubu away!

As for the date, she didn’t care about it at all.

But the next day, she was awakened by Xiao Bubu and insisted on taking him to buy clothes.

Li Li thought that the money owed to Jingxing had not been repaid. He said that he would pay him back according to the medical expenses, and there would be tens of thousands of extras. She could indeed buy some good clothes for Xiao Bubu!

The two went to the mall, women’s clothing on the first and second floors, and children’s clothing on the fifth floor.

She took Xiaobubu to the elevator, but Xiaobubu kept looking at the shop next to her, “Sister, let’s go shopping!”

“I don’t want it.” This little guy, when it was critical, he changed his mouth quite quickly.

“If you don’t buy it, I won’t buy it either!” Xiao Bubu pouted his mouth, standing still on the spot like a piling.

“I think your family is really the nemesis of my life!” Li Li took his little hand and walked into the shop helplessly.

My sister-in-law went without a trace for four years, and now this little kid eats her to death every day!

If this continues, her twenty-year-old Hua Ji Shaohua will decline before she gets old.

The decoration inside the high-end women’s clothing store is extraordinary.

I looked around in small

steps, his small faces wrinkled together, “I don’t like it, go to another one.” Li Li was crying without tears. He is a four-year-old child, do you know what to look good?

After walking around for a few times, I went upstairs and entered a shop that I was satisfied with.

What about her dignity as an adult?

“Sister, this red skirt, pink skirt, white skirt, blue skirt, we all have it!” Xiaobubu looked like a small adult, “try the red one first, and wear it for a later date.”


Li Li looked down at his small face, as if he didn’t even say with Jing Xing last night that he wanted to date, okay?

“Pretty sister, where is the fitting room?” Xiao Bubu asked politely.

The shopping guide was captured by Xiao Bubu in an instant, holding the skirts, and taking them to the fitting room.

When Li Li put on the red skirt in his hand, the whole person was blind.

Being pushed into the fitting room by small steps, she glanced at her to marry, 4998!

Is two yuan five thousand bad?

Xiaobubu, this is really good-sighted!

If it was before, she would definitely buy it without blinking!

But now is not before!

She hesitated, but changed her skirt.

Low-cut, and the sides of the waist are hollowed out, this skirt is too sexy!

“Sister, are you shy?” Xiao

Bubu hung down the door of the dressing room, “Sister…” Li Li went out helplessly, she clearly saw the stunning gaze of the shopping guide.

She has been spoiled since childhood and has fair skin. Although she has worked a little bit now, her complexion still looks good.

“Beautiful! So beautiful!” Xiao Bubu took her hand, “My vision is really good! This is it!”

“Xiaobubu, we…” Li Li squatted down and talked to him. “Step by step, this skirt…” It’s

a bit expensive!

If you really like it every step, she can go home and go to the almighty Taobao to buy A goods!

“What’s wrong with this skirt? It’s good!”

Xiaobu step by step pulled her away, “Let’s go out!” Li Li reluctantly followed him, but only bought this skirt, and she resolutely didn’t want the others!

She didn’t want the skirt on her body, but if she didn’t want to take it off, Xiao Bubu would probably cry in the mall!

Wearing a new dress and going out from the women’s clothing store, she felt chilly around her waist, very uncomfortable.

Buy clothes for Xiao Bubu as soon as possible, and then go home.

As for Jingxing, she should look for it alone!

Xiaobubu is a troublemaker!

“Dad! Daddy…”

Li Li was suddenly dragged away. She searched for the man who was watching, and she saw Jing Xing as expected.

Casual white shirt and black trousers, with a beautiful smile on his face, he said happily to the woman next to him, but his eyes flowed, and when he saw them, his eyes were obviously sinking.

Li Li took a small step, picked him up despite his resistance, and walked in another direction.

“Why, dad sees us!” Xiao Bubu was taken away with a puzzled expression, “I’m not happy anymore!”

” I ‘ll buy you ice cream in a while.”

“But, I’m still unhappy, no dad!” Xiao Bubu Step by step is very sad, thinking of yesterday, it turns out that my father really has a girlfriend!

And also smiling so happily with that aunt!

Jing Xing, who was still in the mall, saw them leaving, and withdrew his gaze, only to find that the honeymoon next to him was curious.

“Brother, you don’t even chase, your wife and son ran away!”

“Sister-in-law, that’s not my wife, nor my son!” Jing Xing pulled her arm, “Hurry up and get your clothes.

Just leave.” “If you don’t go to work today, then you will come here to accompany me to get the clothes. As expected, your intentions are bad, and your chance encounter is too low-level! It’s over if you look at it from a distance!” Honeymoon shook his head disappointedly, “It’s not like your brother and your dad, be upright! Come on!”

Jing Xing thought of the shocking glance just now, wearing such a low-cut design with a hollow waist and a bag in his hand. At first glance, it is very valuable. If you really have no money, would you be willing to buy such an expensive skirt?

Still pretend to have no money?

In short, his impression of Li Li is very bad!

Very bad!

At the same time, Li Li was sitting in an ice cream shop near the mall with two ice creams in his hand. Both of them had their little heads clattered and their faces blushed.

Tired of running just now, Li Li doesn’t want to move a finger now.

“Dad has a girlfriend, Mommy, you are so pitiful…” Xiao Bubu ate her mouth with milk stains, and looked at her pityingly with big eyes.

“Boss, Boss step by step, he is not my boyfriend, nor your father, how many times will I tell you!” Li Li is about to lose patience!