Chapter 998 is the best

Honeymoon leaned in his ear and said, mysteriously, Li Li, who was looking at him, felt more and more shady on his back.

“No! It’s so amazing!” Qi Mulin looked at Li Li, his figure is hot enough!

A professional attire is just enough to subdue the temptation, that kid Jingxing has a good eye!

Wouldn’t it be even more fun if he kept his wife in his company!

Li Li had been frightened, but until she went out, Qi Mulin and Honeymoon didn’t say anything, nor did she interfere with the examiner. She was relieved.

Three days later, she received a call from Qilin Company and she passed the interview!

You can go to work!

“Li Li!” As soon as she hung up, she received a call from the senior sister, “What’s wrong?”

“How are you?” Ning Yao asked concerned.

“I passed…”

“Congratulations! But, senior sister, I didn’t pass… Sure enough, did I open my neckline too low?” Ning Yao wanted to cry without tears. If she could come back, she would definitely open it. Lower it!

That damn examiner has no eyesight!

On the first day of going to get off work in Qilin, when she was about to get off work, a small intern of her actually received a call from the secretary of the president.

Li Li was flattered, “What’s the matter?”

“The president is waiting for you downstairs in the company.”

“What? What is he waiting for me? If you want to fire me, just say it, I just pack up and leave!” She and The president doesn’t know him, what are you playing!


“Toot…” Li Li listened to the voice coming from the landline, the secretary’s temper was quite big!

I don’t know if the president’s temper is the same!

She took the bag and went downstairs, and the bodyguard escorted her all the way to Qi Mulin’s car.

As soon as the door opened and closed, she was already in the car!

“President, do you have any important things?” She asked with a smile, but her body tightened.

Qi Mulin looked at her leisurely, “Little girl, am I that scary?”

“I just went to work today, and the boss looked for me. It’s impossible if I’m not afraid!” What did she make wrong?

Poured the water glass in the office today?

For such a small matter, the president shouldn’t be so boring!

“If you get along for a long time, you will find that I am actually very amiable, loved by others, and the flowers bloom.” He leaned back in his chair, “Tonight is just a party, I lack a female companion, you don’t need to So nervous.”

“Can I ask why it’s me?”


“…” Li Li turned his head to look out the window, is this person going to have unspoken rules for her?

very scary!

How can she rush out?

This speed is a bit fast!

She is really afraid of death and dare not jump!

Thinking of this, she tilted her head again and found that Qi Mulin had closed her eyes and fell asleep!

Forget it, it’s better to beg for yourself than for yourself. When you get to the place, you are at large.

But when she reached the door of a high-end clubhouse, Qi Mulin pulled her off as soon as she got off the car, and there was no way to escape.

After walking in, her gaze did not dare to drift away, she had never been to such a place before, it was a challenge for her!

In the box, she was completely dumbfounded!

The president said that the lack of a female companion is very good, and none of the men in it has a female companion!

Qi Mulin pushed her back, “Come, let me introduce to you, Min Lu, Min Lu’s brother Min Chen, and… all sorts of things, it doesn’t matter!”

The remaining young masters were taken aback, forget it, Qi Er Young Master, who dare to provoke them!

“I said, where did you abduct such a beautiful chick? Don’t harm others!” Min Lu slapped his legs. “Looking at like a student, Qi Mulin, you are not afraid of retribution if you are going on like this!”

“What about me? The women with me are not with me for nothing! They are voluntary, and the benefits are indispensable! But this one next to me…” Qi Mulin had a playful smile in his eyes, “I’m going to be serious!

” …” Li Li stood by, holding the black small bag with both hands tightly, “President, we didn’t take anything seriously. I’m just an intern employee. There seems to be nothing about me here. Why don’t I leave now!”

“What are you leaving first! What’s in a hurry! Let’s play and then leave, otherwise…” Qi Mulin smiled, “I am a man, with so many men here, can you go out?”

“President, you are threatening Me?” Li Li looked at the people next to him, each of them dressed in glamorous clothes, they didn’t look like good people!

damn it!

Are you really going to die here tonight?

“Come on, let’s play a Truth or Dare! Moran, you go and transfer!” Qi Mulin pointed a finger.

A young man, standing in the middle of the room, pinched his nose, and started to turn.


That hand, just right, pointed at Li Li impartially.

Truth or dare in front of this group of men is not good!

But she is not a character that can’t afford to lose!

To be honest, she can say a lot if she doesn’t want to come here!

“We just met you and are not very interested in your truth, let’s take a big risk!” Qi Mulin immediately decided, “You go out now, the first man you meet, look at the color of his underwear!”

“…” The small bag in Li Li’s hand almost hit him, “I won’t do it!”

“Then you kiss the man facing you?”

Isn’t it just the color of the underwear than the taste of the drama?

“President, you will lose a good employee like this!” Does she want to fight for her breath and just walk away?

But now that her family has run out, the salary for this internship really cannot be less!

“If you are done, I will promote you and get you a regular.” Qi Mulin said leisurely while holding a glass of wine.

“Okay!” She turned around, and walked toward the door arrogantly.

As soon as the door was opened, I felt a masculine breath coming, “Excuse me, sir, what color are you wearing today?”

Jing Xing looked down at her closed eyes, “So open?”

This voice?

She immediately opened her eyes, and she was greeted by those azure blue eyes. She pressed her lips, dying!

How can it be him!

At this moment, there were bursts of laughter behind them, and it sounded a bit intentional!

“Jing Xing, your female ticket is very interesting! But she can’t even know your color!” Qi Mulin looked at them two amusedly, “Li Li, if you can’t ask, let’s just do it here. Many men, you can ask anyone!”

“The president, what color of your underwear?” she asked immediately.

This is what he said!

“No! We won’t talk about these things, you have the ability, come and see for yourself!” Qi Mulin smiled brilliantly, lying on the bed.

There was a smile in the room.

Li Li looked up at the tall Jingxing, “Mr. Jing, they cheated me!”