Chapter 1 Accident Occurred (1/1)

Qin Jingwen sat on the icy chair in the hospital with a miserable and sorrowful expression on her face.

The father died on the spot at the scene of the car accident. The mother’s multiple organ damage is still on the verge of life and death. Although the younger sister was not seriously injured, she was scared to death by the bloody scene and has not yet woken up.

The responsibility for the car accident is determined to be the sole responsibility of the father, and all compensation for the dead driver and an injured person must be paid by Qin Jingwen alone.

This sudden blow was enough to collapse Qin Jingwen’s body and mind, but this was not the worst.

My father’s company went bankrupt and owed huge foreign debts. The creditors all found the hospital, and even more reluctantly refused to let Qin Jingwen go after knowing the news of her father’s death.

Qin Jing was there blankly without tears, when the nurse came over.

“Miss Qin, please pay your mother and sister’s hospitalization fees as soon as possible. If you don’t pay, we will stop the treatment.”

“Well, I will figure out a solution.”

Now only a medical bill has left Qin Jingwen powerless, not to mention the compensation for the dead and injured and the huge debt left by her father. Even if she sold her life, it would be a drop in the bucket.

Even if she is powerless, she still has to try her best to find a way. No one is willing to help her now, the only person she can think of is Chu Yang.

“Chu Yang…”

I just called my boyfriend’s name, but I don’t know how to say the following words.

“What’s up?”

Chu Yang’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“I… my mother is sick and is in dire need of money now. I…”

Qin Jingwen ignored her entangled heart and threw her self-esteem out of the sky before speaking out about her predicament. But before he finished speaking, Chu Yang’s cold voice came from the other side.

“Money? Are you borrowing money from me? Or do you want to cheat money from me?”

“Cheating money? Chu Yang, what do you mean by that?”

Chu Yang’s sudden words caused Qin Jingwen’s blood temperature to drop sharply.

Why did she not do well to make Chu Yang think she is a liar?

“You still pretend, you have leaked your true face, and you are still acting with me. Qin Jingwen, you are too shameless, you cursed your mother for cheating money.”

“I… Chu Yang, I don’t understand what you are talking about, I don’t…”

The word “acting” was interrupted before he said the word “acting”.

“Qin Jingwen, what shameless request do you have, who else do you want to curse? I tell you that even if your family is ruined, I will not give you a cent.”

You could hear Chu Yang being extremely angry, but his anger made Qin Jingwen feel ironic. It seemed that Chu Yang already knew the situation of her family. This was the wall that was pushed by everyone, and even the one he loved the most was anxious to get rid of the relationship.

But at this time her condition did not allow her to be arrogant, no matter what Chu Yang did, she wanted to catch Chu Yang’s last straw.


But when she asked for help despite her self-esteem

When, there was a woman’s voice on the other side of the phone.

“My dear, the bath water is ready, it will be cold if you don’t wash it.”

“Hurry up, I’ll wait for you in the bathroom.”

The sweet voice of the burning person is about to melt, but Qin Jingwen’s back is cold, this voice… Aiqi

“Chu Yang, you guys…”

“No matter what you hear, I’m just about to tell you, don’t think that you are very proud of deceiving me, I don’t have any sincere heart for you.

Chu Yang’s words were biting cold and sent Qin Jingwen directly into hell.

“She told you the liar you’re talking about?”

“Yes, she told me. What do you want? Threaten her? Qin Jingwen, I warn you, she is my woman now, you don’t want to move her with me.”

An angry warning, and hung up without any nostalgia. Is this still the man she loves?

Anger, unwillingness and desperate grievance swallowed Qin Jingwen instantly.

In the VIP advanced ward, Qiao Shunchen, who had been in a coma for three days, finally recovered.

The gauze wrapped around his head, the slight scratches on his face, and the eyebrows raised from a headache, none of these could conceal his heroic and resolute appearance.

“Why does my head hurt so much.”

Qiao Shunchen cursed and sat up, while Qiao Shunchen’s sister Qiao Yu hurried to the bedside and cared, “Thank God, you finally woke up.”


“Your driver is dead.”

“Damn it, I want the perpetrator to pay a painful price.” Qiao Shunchen frowned.

“Sunchen, the perpetrator is also dead, and the perpetrator is Qin Jun.”

“Qin Jun?”

Qiao Shunchen was shocked, why was Qin Jun the perpetrator? Was it intentional by Qin Jun, or was it a coincidence?

“That’s right, it’s Qin Jun. Qin’s military car also has a wife and children. The place where you collided is the highway at the airport. Qin Jun should have gone out to hide from debts and was driving at a speeding speed. The police determined that the car was too fast, and Qin Jun made a mistake in handling the car. Lost control, then broke through the high-speed barrier and hit your car.”

Qiao Yu simply told Qiao Shunchen of the preliminary results of the police investigation.


Qiao Shunchen meditated silently. According to Qiao Yu, this tragedy might be an accident. No, even if it was an accident, even if Qin Jun died, he would not forgive the party who caused the accident. The feud between him and the Qin family will never be solved in this life.

“How about Qin Jun’s wife and children?”

Qiao Shunchen asked in a low voice.

“Qin Jun’s wife is seriously injured and has not been out of danger so far. The doctor said that there is little hope of surviving. The younger daughter was severely hit and frightened and is still in a coma. The eldest daughter came back from abroad to deal with this matter.

Qiao Yu said again, “Second Uncle took advantage of your unconsciousness these few days and started to move around again. Grandpa gave you a death order and told you to marry and have children when you wake up. Only when you have a stable family background can he be fair and honest. The position of the person in charge of the company is here for you.”

“Second Uncle is so

In a hurry, he couldn’t hold his breath before I was sure whether I was alive or dead. Okay, then I will let all his hopes be dashed. “

Qiao Shunchen said coldly: “Isn’t it just for the heir? Since Grandpa wants it, I will give it to him.”

After dark, Qiao Yu left and Qiao Shunchen went out to breathe.

As he passed the hospital park, a cry of pain made him stop.

Qin Jingwen stood in the park of the hospital, unable to face her mother and sister, let alone accepting Chu Yang’s betrayal at this time, and couldn’t help crying.

“why why……”

Qin Jingwen didn’t know what she was asking, but felt that all this was too unfair, making people angry and even wronged. The most miserable thing was that no one was willing to help her.

The sky was not beautiful at this time, and the pouring rain poured down like a column. The rain flooded the tears, and the tears were mixed with rain.

In this way, the heart-piercing woman crying in the heavy rain made Qiao Shunchen frown.

There is no light in the dark room, and it is dark and scary. Also uneasy is the uneasy heart.

She didn’t know what the man who walked into this room after a while, but she wanted to dedicate everything to him. This meant that even if Chu Yang came to find her, they would no longer be possible.

Without giving Qin Jingwen too much sad time, the dark bedroom door was pushed open. The moment she heard the door rang, she suddenly trembled with fear, and she also had an urge to escape.

But the reality is right in front of her. She needs money and has to do it, right? How can she have the qualifications to escape willfully.

The man quickly closed the door and walked directly to the bed according to the environment he was familiar with. He could see the woman sitting there, but could not see the woman’s face.