Chapter 1 Losing Everything

At Nights, the majestic rain washes everything in the world like pouring, the lightning that glides from time to time is mixed with thunder, deafening, and the whole world is shrouded in a wave of treacherousness.

There was not a trace of light in the dim room, and the heavy curtains blocked the light of the meager night light outside and did not reflect the presidential suite at all.

On the luxurious kingsize bed, two people with necks entwined doing the most primitive exercise…

In this night, it became the biggest turning point in Jian Mo’s life… so that, in the end, she used too much Too many come to commemorate all this.

After the effect of the medicine was over, Jian Mo was sore as if she was crushed, and she seemed to fall apart as long as she moved.

His hand slowly clenched, his teeth biting his lip.

Suddenly, the nose was sour, and the eyes underneath were already moist, uncontrollable.

Because of panic and fear, Jian Mo couldn’t care to see who was the man Zhengxiang who was sleeping with her back facing her. She gritted her teeth and got out of bed, picking up the clothes on the ground one by one and putting them on… Then, she hurriedly left.

With a “boom” thunder glided past, Jian Mo walked in Los Angeles under the heavy rain like a lost soul, but after a short while, his whole body was already soaked.

Tears have already flooded the moment they came out… It is

said that it is best to cry when it rains, as long as you stand in the rain, no one knows your cowardice.

Jian Mo smiled and cried… She looked especially oozing under the dim street lamp.

I don’t know how I walked back. Looking at the lights at home, Jian Mo was lost for a moment…

It was almost early in the morning when I left the Sophia Hotel. After walking for so long, why is the light still on at home?

Jian Mo didn’t dare to go in, she stood at the door and looked at this home… The pain in her heart instantly overwhelmed the body that was crushed by the man.

The door was suddenly opened, and even if Jian Mo wanted to hide, it was too late.

“Miss?” The one who came out was Wang Ma, who was a helper at Jian’s house. When she saw her, she was startled, and then hurried forward, “Miss, where have you been? I can’t get through with you all night…” She The voice was urgent, “

Something happened!” Jian Mo’s heart “cocked”, and he gently slapped his lower eyelids, a little dazed?

Mother Wang didn’t notice Jian Mo’s embarrassment, but thought she didn’t bring an umbrella, “Mr. fell down on the construction site… in the hospital. The young master’s phone can’t get through, and yours can’t get through… The wife is alone in the hospital. The heart attack has recurred again.”

Wang’s mother said later that Jian Mo didn’t hear clearly. She just heard the word “falling down” in her head, and it was empty!

Seeing Jian Mo was frightened, Wang Ma didn’t care about anything else, she took her hand and walked to the car on the side of the road… It wasn’t until Jian Mo was stuffed into the car that her thoughts returned.

Regardless of the matter of losing her body, Jian Mo looked at Mother Wang with red eyes and trembling: “Mother Wang…you, you…” Because of fear, she couldn’t even say a complete character. After swallowing, she gasped and asked. “What did you just say?” The

driver was Wang Ma’s husband, Uncle Hai. He glanced at Jian Mo from the rearview mirror, and drove the car to the hospital with a heavy expression on his face.

Ma Wang’s face became even more serious, and she sighed: “Something happened on the construction site. It is said that the husband fell accidentally… It is being rescued. The wife rushed to the hospital and heard that the situation is not optimistic, so…”

Madam Wang said. Without going on, Jian Mo closed her eyes… Mom has a heart attack. Under such circumstances, she definitely can’t bear it.

When the car arrived at the hospital, Jian Zhanfeng and Su Mo were both rushing to the rescue.

The empty corridor was extraordinarily treacherous in the rainy night, as if there was a breath of death everywhere.

Jian Mo stood wet at the door of the operating room, looking at the lamp “in operation” like this, without any expression…

Uncle Hai stepped forward and took off his coat and put it on Jian Mo, “Miss, the husband and wife are so nice, they will be fine.”

“Where is Jian Hang?” Jian Mo didn’t move his eyes, but asked coldly. Tao.

Uncle Hai sighed softly, his expression filled with helplessness and weight: “Master hasn’t come back… I can’t get through the phone.”

Jian Mo’s mouth slid a touch of sneer, and slowly hatred overflowed in his eyes.

In an instant, something exploded coldly in the position of the heart, her eyes were red, and she gritted her teeth…forcibly forced the overflowing tears back.

Why should she believe that Jian Heng was going to give her the money tonight?

Obviously knowing that a gambler is incurable…but she still believed it, and even lost her precious first time when she was framed by him.

Jian Mo’s hands are getting tighter and tighter, it seems that as long as she uses a little less strength, she can’t support it…

Time seems to have never been so slow before, Jian Mo just stood like this, waiting… Until the rain stopped outside, the sky gradually brightened.

Although the wait is long, but there is no news, at least there is still hope, right?

However, at the moment of dawn, Jian Mo felt that… the world had completely abandoned her.

“Sorry, we have tried our best…”

Jian Mo thought she would collapse, but when the doctor uttered these words mechanically, she was unusually quiet, “Doctor, where is my mother?”

“Mrs. Jian’s condition is temporarily Controlled, but…” The doctor looked at the embarrassed girl before him.

“It’s okay, I can bear it.” Jian Mo said quietly, but the tension in her eyes had betrayed her.

The doctor sighed softly, “Ms. Jane has suffered too much from her heart, so her heart stopped beating several times during the rescue… Although it has been controlled, she may not be able to wake up, not necessarily.”

Jian Mo only felt that his legs and feet were soft, and the whole person lost the strength to support… Suddenly, his eyes went dark, and he almost fainted.

“Miss, Miss…” Uncle Hai and Ma Wang hurriedly supported Jian Mo, their tired faces completely worried.

Jian Mo closed her eyes and stabilized before opening her eyes, and her voice became more and more hoarse: “I’m fine…”

Eyelashes kept trembling, Jian Mo wanted to be stronger…

She looked at the hospital bed being pushed out. , Trembling hands gently pulled the covered white cloth…Looking at her father who had no signs of life, she couldn’t help crying anymore.

“Dad…Dad…” Jian Mo hugged Jian Zhanfeng and cried in pain, yelling “Dad” in her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say with a word.

Mother Wang secretly wiped her tears, Uncle Hai looked at Jian Mo with a sad look…

“A good home, why suddenly…” Mother Wang was already crying, “What’s the matter?” The

doctor looked at this. In one scene, Shen sighed, turned and left with the death report… Seeing more life and death, but every time he saw such a death scene, he was worried.

It’s just that the doctor hasn’t walked far away. Suddenly, a horrified voice came from behind…

“Miss, Miss…” The doctor turned and saw Jian Mo limp on the ground and fainted.