Kidnapping Game

Kidnapping Game
Other names: 绑架游戏
Author: eigo igashino
Genre: Detective Novels
Release: 2002
Status: Ongoing


The new car advertisement project led by Sakuma was denounced as superficial by Mr. Katsuragi, the big boss of the commissioned manufacturer. Therefore, the grudge Sakuma secretly hid outside the Katsuragi mansion, but he witnessed a young woman escaping from the house. Immediately he hired a taxi to track him all the way, and the kidnapping was brewing from this tracking incident. Sakuma, who planned the kidnapping game in his own hand, was just to compete with Katsuragi, and Shuri, who was willing to be a hostage, wanted a 300 million ransom from his father…Who is the real leader in this kidnapping case? Who is the real winner?


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