oh! My professor

oh! My professor
Other names: oh!我的教授君
Author: Miss Cherry
Genre: Xianyan Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


The first time I met, the drunk man was taken home by a beautiful man. See you for the second time, Nani? It turned out to be him! Qiao Xiaoqi asked the heavens speechlessly, she actually put the new professor to sleep! The professor’s gentle “wall-dong”-want to run after eating dry? You are responsible to me. Red-faced, incoherent—Professor, I’m still a ignorant girl! Eighteen martial arts professors, write poems for you, play piano for you, and shelter you from wind and rain. Girl, aren’t you tempted?


Chapter 1 Actually put him to sleep!
Chapter 2 A big flag!
Chapter 3 Want to run after eating dry?
Chapter 4 Girls’ Feelings Are Always Poems
Chapter 5 The Evil Murphy’s Law
Chapter 6 Blushing caught off guard