Ou Shao Doting His Wife Like Treasures

Ou Shao Doting His Wife Like Treasures
Other names: 欧少宠妻如宝
Author: Baixiao Xue
Genre: Other Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


She, the object of the Luo family’s insults, was sold to an old man by her stepmother, but was accidentally put to sleep by a man of superb quality. The man is a powerful man in country A, who controls the entire business empire and sits on the world. The man is like a scent of ecstasy, fascinating her heart, making her constantly resisting heart sink step by step… In the bathroom, he took off her clothes, he stared at her graceful and enchanting, step by step Pressing; I heard that she seemed to have killed someone, but she didn’t remember it; I heard that she was pregnant with a child, a dead baby; I heard that a man really died in order to save her life? Love begins with conspiracy; conspiracy ends with love…