Emperor Shao Sweet Marriage: Reborn Wife Is Not Good

Emperor Shao Sweet Marriage: Reborn Wife Is Not Good
Other names: 帝少甜婚:重生萌妻不太乖, The Emperor’s Sweetness
Author: Lu Yaoyao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


In the previous life, Ye Ling was beaten to death by Mo Lengqing. Once reborn, she turned out to be Mo Lengqing’s demented little wife. I hate Mo Lengqing, Ye Ling pretends to be a pig and eats tigers and upgrades to fight monsters. She just wants to go far away with a divorce agreement, but she didn’t expect a man to trap her in the corner: “Don’t think that I don’t recognize you if you change your identity. After marriage, Mo Lengqing spoiled his wife and spoiled his “dementia” little wife.

And Mo Lengqing also gradually discovered that his demented little wife was disguised as a man, and she was still a stealth entertainment tycoon. Mei Nan called her brother and brother, and the beautiful women surrounded her with red hearts and handed out love letters.

From then on, Mo Lengqing became the king of Asian vinegar, professionally preventing digging the wall for a hundred years… Scum! The main body and soul are clean!!!