Bad pregnant wife: President, don’t touch me

Bad pregnant wife: President, don’t touch me
Other names: 孕妻不乖:总裁别碰我
Author: Full moon
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: 1421


With a million contract, she became a surrogate mother. He is an unattainable overbearing president, turning his hands into the clouds and raining his hands, and covering the sky with only one hand, and she is just a humble surrogate. Once you give birth, one becomes two. Is it a gift from heaven or ill-fated? She buried everything in the past, and disappeared with his sky-high reward.

Four years later, he is the highly anticipated president of Gao Leng. She returned with her daughter, but she hasn’t gotten off the plane yet… “Mommy, that little brother is watching us.” She followed the direction of her daughter’s finger and looked at a cute treasure. A cold man, two people are so similar…