Mistress of Hamlet

Mistress of Hamlet
Other names: 哈姆雷特的情妇
Author: Shiya
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


He had a deep hatred for fifteen years! The underworld leader who returned to Japan from Japan ─ ​​Lei Pei wants to become a “Fairstar” and vowed to recover the price of ruining his family from the Ouyang family!
The first goal is the “greenhouse little princess” Ouyang Zicheng who is automatically sent to the door. He must first smash her self-esteem, and then rob and destroy everything in Ouyang’s house… She had better see clearly, the man in front of him is no longer gentle and harmless. “Brother Pei” now he is just an enemy who wants to stain her white paper with filthy colors! She must show her “indomitable” spirit to touch Brother Pei! He said one, she didn’t say two, she was a good-looking baby who obeyed her words. She
dedicated her 100% enthusiasm and was a diligent female worker in his family.

He pulled weeds, made soup, and served coffee as a “labor service.” There was no complaint. Looking at it, Huang Tian has paid off for the hard work. Brother Pei finally let go of thinking about “being merciful” and not counting his enemies. The premise is that she should be his… mistress? ? ? Woo… Is she going to “sacrifice heroically” this way? ……