Miao Doctor Concubine: Wrap the Tsundere Regent

Miao Doctor Concubine: Wrap the Tsundere Regent
Other names: 妙医庶女:缠上傲娇摄政王
Author: Xi Yue
Genre: Novel, Romance, Rebirth
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


Qin Huan, a special agent military doctor, died, and Qin Huan, a concubine in the general’s house, was alive. Was beaten to death by a stick? Do you want to marry and die at the prince’s palace? Threatening his sister’s life? Qin Huan said that she would not accept such a fate! Can’t take care of the white lotus? An old father with an iron face and a cold heart? No one is the prince? Green tea sister with human face and animal heart? Don’t stand in her way! But how could this golden and powerful regent still show her so much protection? Qin Huan: If you protect me for a while, I should use my life to repay, not to mention the general mansion, it is also possible to help you take control of the country. Regent: You and Jiangshan, I have to decide. Just one life is not enough, this king wants life after life.