Chapter 1 The Return of the Fortuneteller

of the Fortuneteller “Zi Jin, although you are our daughter, we have raised Xiaoxuan for 15 years and have a deep relationship with her. She has been rich since she was a child and is not as hard-working as you have been in the country, so The eldest lady of the Ying family is still Xiao Xuan.”

  ”You are a little wronged, but you are so kind. Mom knows you won’t mind if you are so kind. Don’t worry, you should have nothing less.”

  ”What? You too. Go, are you kidding me? What they want is a celebrity, you don’t even know a piano song, you will only lose face when you go.” In the

  dream, there are chaotic figures and noisy words.

  After a few seconds, Ying Zijin woke up completely.

  Her long eyelashes moved, her eyes opened, and what caught her eye was a white hospital room with the smell of disinfectant in the wings of her nose.

  ”Yeah, awake?” An ironic voice came from above her head, “I thought you were dead, don’t move, what are you moving? You are responsible for the needle ran away?”

  One hand pressed her and pinched hard. Her wound.

  However, there was no trace of pain on the girl’s expression. When she turned her wrist, she pressed that hand back on the bedside table.

  The man suddenly suffered pain and screamed: “Are you sick?!”

  ”Xiao Yan!” There was another young woman in the ward. She was taken aback and hurried forward, “This is Doctor Lu, not here. It hurt you.” The

  girl turned her head, and a pale to bloodless face was exposed to the air, sick and lacking energy.

  But when you look closely at the facial features, they are very delicate. They are beautiful phoenix eyes. With a slight turn, there is a shallow light passing by, floating green and flowing pill, clearly disappearing.

  Has a powerful demonstrative power to let people lose their minds.

  The woman’s eyes flickered, and she cared: “Xiao Jin, is there anything else you feel uncomfortable?” The

  girl didn’t say a word, but her hand loosened.

  Dr. Lu rubbed his wrist and stepped back, reprimanding: “It really is an uncultivated white-eyed wolf.”

  Ying Zijin raised her eyes, her long and narrow phoenix eyes were still stained with water and dew.

  Her voice was wrapped in the low dumbness that came after waking up, and it was more dim and cold: “Sorry, I just woke up, I thought a dog bit me.”

  Dr. Lu’s expression changed: “You!”

  ”Okay, Xiao Jin I’ve already apologized, stop arguing.” The woman persuaded her, her face was full of self-blame, “Xiao Jin, I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for my illness, you don’t need to give me a blood transfusion. I didn’t expect it to happen again this time. You fainted.”

  ”That’s what she deserves!” Doctor Lu looked disgusted, “Isn’t she the poor adopted daughter of your Ying family? You still need to find me to help her raise her body?” The

  woman sighed. He took a sigh of relief: “Xiao Jin has suffered too much, how can he compare with Xiao Xuan?”

  ”It can’t be compared.” Doctor Lu smiled, contemptuously, “I heard from my brother that she is second in grade. It’s not like a white-eyed wolf who got into the elite class by money, and was humiliated by being the second-to-last by more than 300 points.” The

  woman frowned, “Don’t say that, Xiao Yan was still the first in her former middle school One.”

  Doctor Lu sneered: “The first place in a county, even two books.”

  However, the conversation between the two did not affect Ying Zijin at all. She glanced at the woman casually, and it was in her mind. A name emerged-

  Ying Luwei.

  Her sister-in-law, 25 years old, is the number one lady in Shanghai and a famous pianist in China.

  Because of genetic mutations, Ying Luwei suffers from a rare hemophilia.

  Once a patient with this disease has a wound, the blood will not stop and it is difficult to heal, and his blood type is still extremely rare, Rhnull, which is extremely difficult to match, and there is no complete cure yet.

  Ying Zijin looked at her slender wrist where

  she could even see the blood vessels, and looked lazy: “Tsk.” She died in the spiritual cultivation world, but returned to the earth she had been to.

  She has been asleep for nearly seventeen years, and now her consciousness and memory are fully awakened.

  Her name is also Yingzijin, which has been with her for a long time.

  It’s just that she is no longer the god of the spiritual cultivating world, who “determines life and death with one hexagram, sees misfortune and happiness at a glance”.

  She is now an adopted daughter of Ying’s family who can’t get on the stage, or Ying Luwei’s mobile living blood bank, available on call.

  This time she fainted because Ying Luwei was injured. She was forced to draw blood for several days and couldn’t resist.

  ”What the hell was going on at the time?” Doctor Lu looked at Ying Luwei, “Who pushed you down? Are you aside, did you see?” The

  last sentence was addressed to the girl.

  Seeing that she didn’t move, Dr. Lu suddenly came up with an irritation: “What’s your question, dumb?”

  ”Noisy.” Yingziyan was lazy, “Quiet.”

  ”What’s your attitude?” Dr. Lu He slapped the folder in his hand on the table with a sneer, “Lu Wei, I’m sorry, just take this attitude toward her. I am not

  cured of her illness now.” Ying Zijin slowly gathered her clothes together: “The door is here. That.”

  Dr. Lu wanted the girl to say soft words and begged her, but he hit the empty space with a punch. He looked embarrassed for a moment, his face was aching pain, and he dropped the sentence “Seduce his little uncle’s scumbag to play.” What prestige”, left hastily.

  ”Xiaoyan!” Ying Luwei scolded, “Doctor Lu is an expert convalescent physician. If you take her away, what will your body do?”

  ”Well, an expert on glucose infusion.” Ying Zijin said faintly, “I don’t know. Yes, I thought I was going to have some major surgery.”

  Ying Luwei’s heart jumped: “Little Yan?”

  Ying Zijin sat up on the bed with her elbows: “But what the experts said makes sense, and I want to know if it is. Whoever pushes my sister-in-law down, the evildoer will always show his feet.”

  She picked up the phone by the bed and looked at the woman: “Did you say so?”

  Suddenly the girl’s aura was overwhelming, Ying Luwei was completely unable to resist, she frowned and was displeased: “Xiao Jin, you really don’t want to be willful anymore, I don’t care if you hurt me, but if you keep doing this Go down, one day I ran into a big person, how can I protect you?”

  ”Thank you first, I heard that you chose this ward specially for me.” Ying Zijin looked up at the number plate, and seemed to be smiling.” The number is good.”

  After she finished speaking, she didn’t look at the woman’s expression, and went straight out of ward 914.

  Ying Luwei bit her lip, her eyes condensed.

  She thought, or cell phone pressed to come up with a number, and then turned and whispered: “? Desert far, most small Gum normally listen to you, you help me persuade her right”

  side of the phone seems do not expect to hear such a word, silent moment, very cold:. “you raise a good body, leave her, she then insatiable, I will send her away.”

snow fluttering, snow .

  The city of Shanghai stands along the coast, and there is no snow in the middle of winter, but this year, there was snow in the sky in late January, scattered in the night sky, cold and icy.

  People come and go on the streets at nine o’clock in the evening, which is very lively.

  The girl only wore a simple black shirt, her legs were slender and straight, she was carrying a shoulder bag, walking slowly, and she was extremely incompatible with everything around her.

  Her face was pale, but she was beautiful, and occasionally the light of neon light flashed between her eyebrows and eyes, like tiny stars slowly wafting away.

  The opposite street–

  ”Hey, Seventh Master.” Nie Chao’s eyes were certain, and he slammed into the waist of the person next to him, “Guess who I saw?”

  ”Huh?” The man looked loose, “I saw your old lover again. Isn’t it?”

  He leaned against the wall, long, lazy, and full of vigor.

  Xiu Ruomei’s bones were playing with one finger, but his hand was whiter than Yu.

  The wind and snow dimmed his eyebrows, but did not hide the exquisite beauty, on the contrary, it became more and more dusty.

  The man has a pair of naturally smiling peachy eyes, slightly bent, looking at everyone, it seems to be affectionate, and they are sultry.

  Born to be an enchanting evildoer.

  Nie Chao thought to himself, it’s no wonder the ladies couldn’t see anyone else when facing such a face, he wanted to kneel when he saw a man.

  ”What an old lover, I never eat grass. I saw the girl adopted by the Ying family a few months ago.” The

  man hummed absent-mindedly, his right leg bends slightly, and his face is slightly raised no matter whether it is curved or raised. The lines are just right and perfect, causing passersby to look back frequently.

  Nie Chao knew that he was not interested, so he said: “You just came back, you don’t know, this Ying’s adopted daughter seduce her sister-in-law’s fiancé.” The

  man raised his eyebrows slightly, and finally had a reaction: “Jiang Moyuan?”

  ”It’s him. “Nie Chao sighed, “She is so courageous.”

  Jiang Mo is a generation older than their son brothers, but only five or six years older than their younger brothers. Before reaching thirty, he is already the number one in the company, a native of Shanghai. People will respectfully call “San Ye Jiang”.

  Jiang Moyuan and Ying Luwei are also very close friends. They are from the same four giants. One is the first lady in Shanghai, and the other is the man whom the ladies most want to marry.

  Nie Chao sighed: “Qi Shao, you said that if you are doing a good job, with your face like this, you must be the one they want to marry the most.”

  Apart from Jiang Moyuan, the most famous Shanghai city is in front of him. The seventh youngest master of the Fu family, Fu Yun, is deep.

  It’s just that the latter is not a good reputation. It seems that apart from being a face and being rich, he can’t find any other advantages.

  But Nie Chao felt that he couldn’t see through this dude brother.

  Fu Yun narrowed his eyes and smiled casually: “I don’t want to be like him.”

  ”That’s right.” Nie Chao said, “It’s better to spend a lot of time and wine, so free, I’m not the only one in my family, and I won’t be caught by the old man to inherit the company.”

  Fu Yunshen said nothing.

  ”You may not know that Ying’s family will adopt her just to provide Ying Luwei with blood, which is quite pitiful.” Nie Chao said again, “But poor people must be hateful. I think this Ying’s family will adopt her. The female character is not good.”

  He looked at the girl, inevitably amazed: “But she is really good-looking

  , tsk tsk , those in the imperial capital can’t compare to her.” Fu Yunshen still didn’t respond, her peachy eyes were slightly low, I don’t know. What are you thinking about.

  No one was gossiping together, and Nie Chao was boring. Just as he was about to ask a man if he wanted to sit in the newly opened bar, he was suddenly surprised: “Hey, Qi Shao, this Ying family’s adopted daughter seems to be in trouble.”

  There are five. A street gangster who didn’t know where it came from, blocked the girl’s way, with an unkind and flowing smile on his face, two of them still had knives in their hands.

  Many people around saw it, but they all just glanced indifferently, and then each hurried away.

  ”I believe there is retribution now.” Nie Chao didn’t move, watching the show, “Look at her thin arms and legs, pitiful.”

  Fu Yunshen didn’t look at it, but said: “Go help. A bunch of them.”

  ”Help?” Nie Chao suspected that he had heard him wrong, “No, Qishao, you actually asked me to help her? Do you know how bad her reputation is in Shanghai? If you go there, it will be fishy. “

  She’s just a little girl.” Fu Yunshen lifted his eyelids, “You are just hearsay. How can you know what kind of person she is when the water is deep and black and white are the norm?”

  Nie Chao thought, too. But why am I going to help?”

  Fu Yunshen was lazy: “You can do karate.”

  ”Good, good.” Nie Chao helplessly, “I’ll go help, but if I’m taken on by this Ying family’s adopted daughter for a while, I can just say it. It’s you.”

  ”Yeah.” Fu Yun said faintly, “Count me.”

  Nie Chao stepped forward reluctantly, but before he arrived, an accident happened.

  I saw the girl clasping the head of the bastard’s arm blankly, and suddenly raising her backhand was a shoulder-crossing, the movement was extremely cold.

  Within ten seconds, she punched her legs, raised her elbows, and quickly knocked down the remaining gangsters without panting.

  Almost everyone was caught off guard, and all passersby around were shocked.

  Nie Chao was dumbfounded: “…”


  Fu Yunshen stood up slowly, peachy eyes lifted, and suddenly smiled.