Chapter 2 Doing a DNA Paternity Test

Su Chen took out a cigarette, was about to light it, and saw the girl staring at him with a sweet smile.

Making him a little embarrassed, he stretched out the cigarette in his hand and asked: “Do you mind smoking one?”

He urgently needs a cigarette now to calm down.

The girl shook her head, but said warmly, “Dad, smoking is harmful to your health.”

“If you want to refresh

yourself, let’s get a mint ~” The girl took out a mint from her pocket and put it I blew a few heats in my palm, and then carefully peeled off the mint icing.

Reached out to feed Su Chen’s mouth.

Smiling eyes crooked.

Su Chen looked at the mint that was being fed to his mouth, neither was it to eat or not to eat.

Finally, I opened my mouth and ate.

He also chewed the mint hard to restore his sanity.

Is it because you have been single for more than half a year and have no resistance to little girls?

She fed, and he ate obediently…

There was a feeling of being led by the nose.

Su Chen decided to turn the situation back and looked at the frozen lake. He asked, “Tell me, why are you my daughter?”

“Who is your mother?”

“Well, my mother is Lin Wanxue.

” I still have four younger sisters.”

“Wait a minute–!” Su Chen quickly raised his hand and stopped what the girl said.

The girl’s black and big eyes looked at him suspiciously.

He said sincerely: “Stu Zihan, you have admitted the wrong person, and I don’t know your mother.”

It seems that this is a wonderful misunderstanding.

There are four younger sisters…

Good fellow, luckily I don’t know Lin Wanxue.

Otherwise, you have to be a father.

Still be the father of five daughters…

think about it, it’s really exciting.

Just when Su Chen thought that the girl knew that she was looking for the wrong person, she said seriously, “Dad, I didn’t admit the wrong person, you really are me…”

The mouth shape of the word’dad’ came out. , Su Chen quickly raised his hand to stop.

“Don’t shout, I can’t bear it…” Being

older, my heart can’t bear it…

Moreover, he doesn’t have the habit of letting a strange girl call him father…

“I’m really not your father.”

“Or else In this way, you show me the picture of your mother.” He said to make the girl give up.

After all, 19 years have passed, what if the other party changed their name?

“Yeah~” Su Zihan unlocked his phone screen, then clicked on a photo, and handed the phone to Su Chen, “Dad, this is my mother. The photo was taken in August this year, without makeup, without filters and beauty. Yan’s.”

Su Chen looked at the woman in the photo.

The woman was somewhat similar to Su Zihan in front of her, and the years did not leave much mark on her face.

I can’t tell that this is the mother of an 18-year-old girl!

People who didn’t know thought this was a 25-year-old mature and charming beauty.

The woman was wearing a capable dark blue police uniform, smiling and saluting, very rusty.

Because of the upright posture, the buttons on the dark blue shirt were about to be stretched.

Su Chen’s black eyes constricted.

Take a few deep breaths.

Good guys!

This at least has H.

The girl was already very big, but she didn’t expect her mother to be bigger.

It’s the type he likes ~

beautiful and rusty.

It must be a police flower!

Such a beautiful and stunning police flower, if he rolled over the sheets with her, he must remember it very clearly.

However, in his memory, he had never seen Lin Wanxue before.

The perfect policewoman for white prostitution, Su Chen returned the phone to Su Zihan, and said seriously: “Sorry, I can understand your eagerness to find your father, but I really don’t know your mother, I’m really not your father, you I found the wrong person.”

Su Zihan was a little anxious. Then he thought of something, and immediately said wittyly: “I am really your daughter. If you don’t believe me, we will do a DNA paternity test now, how about

doing it ?” The paternity test was 2,000 yuan, and Su Chen didn’t want to spend the wrong money for this completely impossible thing.

I was about to refuse, and then I saw the girl pursing her mouth, looking at him pitifully.

When the beauty used the pitiful tricks, Su Chen, as a man, directly reduced his resistance to a negative number.

“Okay, do it.” Su Chen surrendered.

The main reason is that the little girl doesn’t look like a lie, and the feeling that the little girl gives him is an indescribable sense of intimacy.

He also wanted to confirm it.

See if this little girl is really her own daughter.

If you really are your own daughter.

Oh my God… I

can’t imagine any surprises…

This is the school flower of the Imperial University next door! ! !

school there is next to the University Affiliated Hospital, Royal Park, so Su Su Zi Han Chen directly with a walk past.

Along the way, I met many senior students I knew.

“Brother Su, great~”

“Brother Su, I have heard about it, great, come on, and have a big fat boy with my sister-in-law earlier.”

“Brother Su, awesome, the school flowers of the Imperial Capital University take the initiative to chase you. , I would like to respect you as a god!”

Su Chen was embarrassed.

I hope the little girl is really his daughter, otherwise, this oolong is really a big trouble.

The spread of the campus network is too fast.

All the way to the appraisal department of the hospital.

“Old Su, this is your new girlfriend? Not bad, why did you come here suddenly?” Su Chen’s friend Hu Zhihua asked with a smile.

“Old Hu, don’t talk nonsense, this is not my girlfriend, her name is Su Zihan.”

“I came to you to do a paternity test between me and her.”

“Paternity test???!!!” Hu Zhihua was shocked on the spot.

His eyes went back and forth between Su Chen and Su Zihan.

Then suddenly realized the same, patted Su Chen on the shoulder and said: “Okay, buddy, I understand, come with me, don’t worry, I will do this paternity test myself.” I

promise not to let you’be like a father’.

“Yeah!” The

best way to do a paternity test is a DNA test.

Use hair with follicles.

Both Su Chen and Su Zihan plucked five hairs with hair follicles and put them in a dust-free bag.

Hu Zhihua took the hair of the two to the laboratory for inspection.

Su Chen and Su Zihan sat on the chairs in the corridor.

Su Chen’s hand involuntarily touched the cigarette in his trouser pocket, and then said to Su Zihan: “I’m going outside to blow the wind, you are waiting here.”

“Yeah.” I really look forward to the result.

Because she knew the result a long time ago, Su Chen is her real father.

She is looking forward to the result, expecting Su Chen to know that she is really his daughter, with a joyful expression~~~ The

little girl leaned on the chair with both hands, dangling her legs, looking up and looking around, her face is full of face. Happy.

Just now Uncle Hu said that the result will be known in 1 hour.

In other words, after 1 hour, how many dads she wanted to call Su Chen, it was okay~~


Su Chen stood in front of the hospital and smoked.

There are at least ten cigarette butts on the ground.

“Lin Wanxue?”

“A stunning police flower?”

“There is no ex-girlfriend with this name, and no one I know calls this name.”

“I have never seen this stunning police flower in my memory.”

“Little girl look. She is 18 years old, that is to say, Lin Wanxue was the little girl she was pregnant 19 years ago.”

“19 years ago, I was 18 years old, then I was still an innocent little boy!”

“Although I talked about it during the summer vacation. It’s a love, but it’s all pure love.”

And before going to university, he was dumped by the other party, which made him feel depressed and ran out for travel.

“Wait a minute–“

He suddenly thought of something.

Moreover, it is still something that will not be forgotten even in the past 19 years!

That was when he drank very late at the time, then walked at night, and was suddenly dragged into the alley by a beautiful woman.

Wall dong him.

And forced him to roll the sheets with her with a knife… The

beautiful figure is very hot, and Hungary must have H!

That time, he didn’t wear a little raincoat!

Thinking of this, he immediately stood up straight and took the last puff of smoke.

Pressing down the cigarette butt, the heart rate increases, the blood is boiling, and the whole body is inexplicably excited.

Turned around, opened the insulation curtain of the hospital, and walked in.

Just seeing the little girl sitting on the bench obediently, and seeing him coming in, the look in her eyes immediately lit up.

He jumped up and ran towards him.

Su Chen had an illusion that the little girl wanted to jump on him and hug him, but when she ran in front of him, she held back and did not jump.

“Old Su, the result came out.” Hu Zhihua pushed open the door of the laboratory excitedly and came out.