Chapter 3 Shocked! I have a quintuplet daughter!

Seeing Hu Zhihua’s excited expression, Su Chen guessed the result.

In an instant, the heart was about to jump out of his throat.

In a few strides, he walked to Hu Zhihua and took the appraisal sheet in Hu Zhihua’s hand.

Sweeping his gaze straight to the back, with bold red letters on it, it says: the matching degree is 99.99%!

There is no doubt that Su Zihan is really his Su Chen’s daughter! ! !

He Su Chen has a daughter!

He Su Chen had an overnight relationship with police flower Lin Wanxue.

He slept with police flowers!

The police flower gave him a daughter!

Haha! Comfortable body! Cool~

“Old Su, congratulations, I am really envious of having such a beautiful daughter.” Hu Zhihua said with envy.

As a man, who doesn’t want to have a beautiful and intimate little padded jacket daughter?

He also thought about it, but his wife gave birth to a son, and in addition to making trouble, he was still making trouble.

The temple has to be bulging with anger every time.

“Uncle, my father has five daughters~~ I also have four younger sisters, we are quintuplets, hehe~” Su Zihan said excitedly.

“Quintuplets?! I lost, Lao Su, your fertility is too strong!”

“It’s so strong that it explodes!”

“I have been working in the hospital for so many years, but I have never heard of obstetrics and gynecology. There have been quintuplets, quadruplets have heard of, quintuplets, this must break the birth history record!”


“I’m still a daughter of quintuplets, five little padded jackets!”

“Envy is blown up.” At

this time, not only Hu Zhihua was shocked, but Su Chen’s father was also shocked to not want it.

I go, quintuplets daughter!

The other four sisters that Su Zihan talked about before were actually siblings with Su Zihan!

Police flower Lin Wanxue gave him Su Chen a quintuplet daughter! ! !

In other words, there are five daughters who are so beautiful and cute like Lin Wanxue, exactly the same! ! !

Think about it, it’s not good enough.

His Su Chen must have been the man who saved the galaxy in his previous life, so in this life, he who walked ordinary to 37 years old, he was lucky!

The quintuplet daughter came to call his father!

“Ding… the media is successfully triggered. Congratulations to the host for binding the selection system.”

“Ding… congratulations to the host facing the choice.”

“Choose one, hug the eldest daughter Su Zihan and reward a Lincoln MKZ car worth 300,000 yuan.

” Option two, hug the eldest daughter Su Zihan, and kiss Su Zihan’s hair top, reward a Patek Philippe complication 5130J-001 watch worth 310,000.”

“Option three, hug the eldest daughter Su Zihan , and go around in circles. , One round of rewards 100,000 yuan, two rounds of rewards 200,000 yuan, three rounds of rewards 300,000 yuan, and so on…”

Listening to the voice that suddenly appeared in his mind, if it wasn’t for his daughter to be beside him, he would be really good. Want to laugh three times on the spot.

Haha, great!


I am also a systematic person!

Still choose the system!

My daughter is really my treasure!

As soon as I came, the system was activated for me.

It seems that in my last life, I really saved the galaxy, the man who was blessed by heaven!

Three choices.

You have to hug your eldest daughter to get rewards.

At this time, he also wanted to hug his eldest daughter to share his joy.

Choose Erli and kiss the top of the eldest daughter’s hair.

The eldest daughter is 18 years old and has grown up. He, the father, kissed her.

I don’t know if I will be beaten by my daughter.

Option three, hold the eldest daughter in circles.

The behavior is a bit naive.

Look at the rewards for option one and option three.

One is a Lincoln coupe worth 300,000 yuan, and the other is 100,000 yuan per revolution.

It only takes three turns to make 300,000.

Four turns, it is 400,000!

Five laps, 500,000!

This reward is challenging!

If you put this great thing 19 years ago, he would have no problem holding his daughter around 10 times!


try it!

Men, have the courage to challenge!

“Dad~Dad~” Su Zihan happily called out what he had endured for more than an hour.

Called “Dad” twice in a row.

Her sweet voice is all over the corridor.

“Eh~” Su Chen responded loudly, and hugged Su Zihan.

Su Zihan jumped onto him all at once and circled his neck.

Hanging on him like a koala.

Su Zihan really wanted to do this, and now he finally did it.

Happy and satisfied~~

“Dad, I am your daughter.”

“You can call me Hanhan~”

“It was my father’s fault before, and my father admitted to you. You are indeed my father’s daughter. From now on, you will be careful with your father. It hurts~” Su Chen smiled heartily while holding her eldest daughter in circles.

“Dad’s previous caution is reasonable. Dad doesn’t need to admit his mistakes to his daughter. From now on, Hanhan will be Dad’s be careful.” Be careful, be

careful~~ One


two circles,


circles , four circles

“Dad, you can let me go. I’m down, or you should get dizzy.”

“It’s okay, Dad is young.”

“Dad is happy now.”

Hu Zhihua was forcibly fed a wave of dog food beside him. It was too much for him to eat.

He smiled and said, “Old Su, you are so amazing, I will go to work first, and you father and daughter will continue to spread dog food~~” He

was infinitely blessed in his heart.

Before, he was worried that Lao Su would be a bachelor and grow old in this life, with no children and no daughters.

Unexpectedly, Lao Su’s family was playing around.

Before the age of 37, I had more than 10 love affairs, and every time my girlfriend had a different personality, the figure and face were the best.

Although in the end they were broken up by the woman because of poverty.

But, I’ve played it!

Now I’m 37 years old, and my 18-year-old quintuplets directly call my dad!

Moreover, the eldest daughter is overly beautiful, she is definitely a school girl!

No need to think about the appearance of the daughters born to the other four siblings, they all know that they are all at the level of the goddess of the school flower!

I was so envious that I was about to explode on the spot!

I’m so envious~~~