Chapter 4 It feels so good to have a daughter

Su Chen hugged Su Zihan for six full circles, but couldn’t turn it, and stopped panting.

Put down the daughter.

Seeing the contented smile on his daughter’s face, instead of feeling tired at all, he was full of vigor and joy.

It seemed that the body was bursting with infinite strength, and he could hold her a few more times.

However, seeing that the little girl had been turned so that she could not stand firmly, he stopped the thought.

“Ding…Congratulations to the host for making the choice, and holding the eldest daughter around six times, rewarding host 600,000, 600,000 has been credited into the host’s bank card through formal channels, the source is safe.”

“Di…” With a bang, Su Chen entered a text message into his cell phone.

When I took it out, the bank card showed that it had received 600,000 yuan.

His good mood soared again.


He slapped his daughter’s shoulder boldly, and said with a big smile: “Hanhan, let’s go, dad treats you today, please have something delicious.” The

system is really awesome.

Just simply holding her daughter and spinning around six times, that is, she enjoyed the parent-child relationship training with her daughter, and got another 600,000 yuan.

It’s so cool.

“Wow, Dad, let me think about what to eat.” Su Zihan said happily.

It happened to be noon, and neither of them had lunch yet.

Walking out of the hospital together, Su Zihan said in surprise: “Dad, it’s snowing! The first snow~~”

“It’s so beautiful~”

“It seems that God is celebrating the reunion of our father and daughter.”

“It’s great~ it’s snowing, it’s snowing~~” The

little girl ran out a few steps, looked up at the falling snow in the sky, spread her arms, Spin happily under the snowflakes.

Then she stopped and stretched out her little hand excitedly, spreading out the white and tender palms, and pieces of snowflakes fell softly in the palms of her hands.

Meisou looked at more and more snowflakes in the palm of her palm, her eyes curled up with a smile.

Happy as a child.

The picture is as beautiful as a picture in winter.

The smile on the corner of Su Chen’s mouth became more and more prosperous.

It’s nice to have a daughter.

Seeing her daughter’s cute appearance, and the innocent smile on that beautiful little face, made Su Chen seem to have returned to 19 years ago in an instant.

That midsummer.

The night when I had a one-night bond with my child’s mother Lin Wanxue.

Now that I am aftertaste, I can still feel the warmth of Lin Wanxue’s body remaining in the palm of his hand.

Her scent remained between her lips and teeth.

“Lin Wanxue, I really look forward to meeting you.”

“Not only did we raise our daughters white and tender, but also cultivated our daughters to be admitted to Imperial Capital University, the number one university in the country. If you really want to consider a marriage partner.”

“I think that object is you.” The

little girl happily played in the snow for a while, and ran to Su Chen like a bird homing.

The big black and white eyes looked at Su Chen with joy, and asked expectantly: “Dad, it’s snowing today. I want to eat fried chicken and beer, can I?”

Su Chen rubbed the little guy’s little boy indulgingly. The head said, “Of course, let’s go, Dad will take you to eat fried chicken and beer.”

“Yeah~~ I know a store where chicken legs and wings are particularly fresh and delicious. I will take my father there.”


Ten minutes later, the two came to a stall selling fresh chicken and wings at the farmers market. before.

“Hanhan, do you want to buy fresh chicken wings and drumsticks?”

“Yes, Dad, fried chicken must be made by ourselves, and it is more delicious and healthier. I don’t know if the fried chicken outside has been frozen for a long time. I don’t know if the fried chicken oil is cooking oil.”

“So of course I went home to eat~~”

” Um , back to Dad’s house?” Su Chen asked.

“Yes, okay?” Su Zihan, who was selecting chicken wings, turned around and looked at Su Chen.

Then he stuck his tongue out and said, “Sorry, Dad, I just forgot to ask you first.”

Seeing her cute look, Su Chen immediately said: “Yes, why not? Dad’s house is yours. “Home.”

“We go home to eat, healthier.”

“Just let Dad show off his cooking skills in front of Han Han.”

Su Zihan immediately smiled, “Well, Dad, let’s go home and make it by ourselves.”

Because eating at home, Also save money.

Also, she wants to see her dad’s house~~~

“Hanhan, since I make it at home, then dad will buy some other dishes. You can choose chicken wings here.”

“Okay, dad.”

Su Chen’s side Go, while taking out the mobile phone to call Auntie Cleaning.

“Sister Fang, do you have time to

clean up now?” The house of a man living alone is messy, with dirty clothes, stinky socks, and dishes and chopsticks left unwashed for three days…

He didn’t expect his daughter to go home suddenly.

So I quickly found an excuse to come out alone and call Procter & Gamble.

“Boss Su, I’m having lunch, and I will be free in an hour.”

“Sister Fang, 500 yuan, now help me to finish my house sanitation and leave the keys in the same place.”

“So urgent? Haha, alright. Yes, it seems that I can’t wait, Boss Su, amazing, the high-achieving beautiful girl who just got in the university next door can take it home at noon.”

“Awesome, admire, rest assured, I will set off right away. I will help you with the whole room in 1 hour.”

“That’s my daughter…not my girlfriend.”

“I know, my daughter , what a godfather, I understand~~”

Su Chen wanted to explain more. Sentence, Sister Fang hung up the phone with an ambiguous smile.

Su Chen is very helpless.

Isn’t Su Chen worthy of a pro-daughter? ?

Ok? ? ?

My Su Chen is not weaker than others!

Su Chen, even though I am 37 years old and unmarried, still has a quintuplet daughter!

The child’s mother is even more of a police flower!


I really want the whole world to know this news!

Announce it in Moments tonight!

Thinking of the shocked expressions of relatives, friends and colleagues on the phone screen, Su Chen hummed a little song to buy food.