Chapter 5 Stock Investment Card

“What should I eat?”

“Just fried chicken is not enough to have the atmosphere.”

“In winter, hot pot is a good choice, but there is no hot pot at home.”

“And, I don’t know if my daughter likes spicy food, I like it. Spicy, the hot pot will be spicy at that time, and my daughter is not happy to eat, it is not good.”

“Then, barbecue!”

“Barbecue in winter is also very warm.”

“Moreover, girls at school like it Those who eat barbecue, that barbecue street, when night falls, there are a bunch of men and women sitting there for barbecue.”

” Just eat this, if you want to eat hot pepper, you can put hot pepper noodles, if you don’t want spicy food, just put it. Ran fans and other spices.”

“The most important thing is that you can also know what kind of dishes your daughter likes to eat.”

“Daughter’s previous 18 years, I did not participate in it.”

“Daughter will be in her future life. With my dad~~” After

thinking about what to eat, the rest is shopping.

Su Chen first went to the supermarket next door to buy an electric barbecue grill plus various seasoning kits and tools for barbecue.

Ask the boss to send him home directly.

Then I went to a booth specializing in fresh barbecue ingredients.

The stall owner is Chen Mei, the wife of his old classmate.

“Su Chen, our family just arrived with a batch of fresh beef skewers and lamb skewers. Would you like to buy some today?” Chen Mei greeted Su Chen enthusiastically.

“I just saw you bought a barbecue next door. This is to go home and have a barbecue.”

“That balcony in your house is quite big. It’s so good to have a barbecue on this snowy day.”

“Dad, you are here, and I have all my things bought.” The little girl came over with the purchased items.

His eyes fell on the kebabs on the stall.

Su Chen’s eyes lit up when she looked at the little girl. It seemed that she was a greedy cat and wanted to eat barbecue.

It seems that he is right to speculate that his daughter likes to eat barbecue.

He smiled and said: “Well, Chen Mei, this is my daughter Su Zihan, Hanhan, this is Aunt Chen,

she is a good person .” “Aunt Chen is good~~” Classmate Su Zihan is very polite.

Chen Mei was shocked.

Su Chen has a daughter?

Haven’t you been married yet?

Is it a hidden marriage?

No, this daughter is 18 years old at first glance.

If Su Chen had such a big daughter, she wouldn’t have heard a bit of news.

Chen Mei was tickled with gossip in her heart, but she didn’t take the liberty to ask, and said with a smile: “Good Zihan, Su Chen, your daughter is so beautiful and good-natured.”

“Well, Hanhan, you choose what you want. eat skewers “

“?? Dad, do we really want to buy skewers However, this was baked it, “

Chen Mei said with a smile:” your father just next to a supermarket just bought a grill, super intimate, Azusa Han, you can choose the skewers well, and Auntie will give you a 20% discount later.”

“Wow, 20% off, thank you, Auntie.”

After speaking, the little girl turned her head and looked at Su with a smile. Chen, “Dad, you are so kind to Hanhan~”

“Ding…Congratulations to the host for the choice.”

“Choose one, accept the daughter’s cheek kiss, and reward 250,000 yuan in cash.”

“Choose two. When the daughter kisses her, she pushes her daughter away and refuses to kiss her cheeks, and rewards a Lincoln MKZ car worth 300,000 yuan.”

“Choose three. When the daughter kisses her host on the cheek, the host takes the initiative to kiss her daughter. Forehead, a stock investment card is rewarded.” When the

system appeared, the little girl’s beautiful little face had already moved over.

His face grew bigger and bigger, and he could even see the tiny hairs on the little girl’s fair skin.

The brain completely crashed at this moment.

There is no way to rationally think about the choice of the system, his body has made the most loyal choice.

Instead of letting the little girl kiss his cheek, he kissed the little girl’s forehead, patted her little head gently, and said, “Daddy will treat Hanhan better in the future.”

There are four other daughters~

he will treat them very well.

“Yeah, Dad, then I will continue to choose the skewers.” Su Zihan, who was kissed on the forehead by Su Chen, went to choose the skewers with Chen Mei with joy.

“Ding…Congratulations to the host for making a choice and rewarding the host with a stock investment card.”

“Does the host activate the stock investment card now?”


With the activation sound, Su Chen appeared in front of a virtual pan A screen similar to a computer screen with blue light.

There is a daily K chart for stocks on the screen, which shows the K-line chart for one year.

“Host, there are three stocks on the stock investment card, which are divided into conservative, stable, and aggressive.”

“The host now sees conservative stocks. If you slide your finger to the left, it is a stable and aggressive type. Type.”

“The host can see the daily K chart of this stock starting today for the next year.”

On weekdays, when Su Chen was bored, he would also play with stocks and funds, but he bought a small amount, only for 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, purely to pass the time, or to have a chat with friends when eating, drinking, and chatting.

He will still look at the K-line chart of the stock.

Immediately looked at these three stocks.

The conservative type means a straight line going up, and there has been no decline throughout the year, but all have risen, and the annual growth rate is 50%.

It’s worthy of being a system product, it’s awesome!

With this thing, you can make money if you buy it with your eyes closed.

And stocks that have risen 50% in a year are pretty good!

Regardless of how many people buy stocks, the longer they buy, the greater the probability of losing money. Basically, 8 out of 10 people lose money.

To make money, the annual interest rate of 20% in a year is already very good, and it has to run into a small bull market in the middle.

In the current bear market, if you want to increase by 50% in a year, it is almost the same as winning a lottery.

Keep watching.

A stable K-line chart, like climbing a hill, slowly climbs up, and there will be a small drop in the middle, but it quickly rises back, and the annual increase is 100%.

It is equal to doubled.

This one is even more powerful!

Then the radical K-line chart has greater fluctuations, first go up, then go down, then pull up, then fall in terror, and then burst up again, the final year’s increase is as high as 300%.

“Huh-!” Su Chen couldn’t help taking a breath.

It’s really high-risk and high-yield!

The fluctuation is large, if you hold it and hold it firmly, it will triple directly!


The system is humanized, and three types of stock investment cards are directly given.

He can see the stock codes on these three investment cards.

He is going to buy aggressive stocks.

Su Chen looked at the time, it was half past one in the afternoon.

This stock has been on the rise for the past week, and it can be bought directly now.

When the time comes to a high level and it is about to fall, sell it again, buy it at the bottom, and do T back and forth. After one year, you will definitely earn more than three times!

Haha, the system is awesome!

With a system, elementary school students will buy stocks.

No risk at all.


Su Chen transferred 1.5 million to the stock account and bought this stock.

Cary still has 100,000 yuan left for emergency use.

As soon as I bought it, my stock account became popular and I made money.


When you buy stocks, you want to be red when you buy and to fall when you sell.


You can still go up by 3 points today, that is to say, you can earn 45,000 yuan today.

It’s really making money lying down, comfortable~