Chapter 6 Five daughters, shocked! One Five Outstanding! Niu niu niu

After buying the skewers, Su Chen walked back to his place with his daughter.

Along the way, Xiaoya was talking to him like a little magpie.

Talking about some daily topics.

For example, do you like chili noodles for barbecue?

Do you like to put pepper cumin powder or chopped green onion?

And remember to wait a while to buy beer at the nearest supermarket and so on.

Su Chen, who has been single for half a year, feels not alone at all, and the whole world is more colorful.

It came alive in an instant.

Even when walking on the road in the winter, he felt warm all over.

Back at the door of the house, Su Chen opened the door, the house was cleaned up, and the barbecue rack and other things sent by Sister Fang were arranged on the balcony.

After changing the slippers, Su Chen put the things away, took the things in her daughter’s hand, and put them all on the dining table.

From the closet to find him a pair of slippers, handed her daughter, “Han Han, no father at home women’s slippers, wearing your father’s first, and so after dinner, my father gave you buy new ones.”

“Er er, I first went outside to take a picture of the snow on my body.”

“Don’t go, just take pictures at home, it’s cold outside.”

“Come on, Dad will help you film the snow.”

Northerners don’t use umbrellas when it’s snowing, just take them when they come home. All right.

Su Chen himself took pictures casually, but thought that her daughter was a girl, and her body was delicate.

Fearing that he would catch a cold for his daughter, he personally helped the little girl pat the snow, especially above the head, which the little girl could not see, he took them clean one by one.

“Dad, I’ll shoot you too, there is still snow on your back.” The

father and daughter photographed each other in the snow, the picture is very warm.

After shooting, take off the down jacket and hang it on the hanger next to it.

Su Zihan put on his slippers, patted his face that was flushed with cold, raised his head and asked Su Chen, “Dad, where is the grill? I’m going to make a fire.”

“The electric grill that Dad bought doesn’t require a fire. The grill is in place. On the balcony, you go to play, Dad goes to the kitchen to work.” Su Chen said with a smile.

“Yeah, okay~”

Su Zihan found the grill, then opened the instructions for use, and quickly understood the principle.

There was a faucet on the balcony, and she began to clean the grilling net plates and other utensils that needed to be put on the skewers later.

What a diligent little girl.

In a short while, she cleaned it up, then went back to the kitchen to get the dishes, and put the skewers on the wooden table set up on the balcony.

Take a good look, then take out the phone and take a photo.

He ran into the kitchen with his little head, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said with all his face, “Wow, it’s delicious.”

Su Chen petted. She scraped her pretty nose and said with a smile: “Little greedy cat~”

“Hanhan, hurry up out of the kitchen, things are being fried here, it is easy to spill oil.”

If the hot oil accidentally splashes on the white and tender skin of her daughter On, he feels very distressed.

So I urged my daughter to go out.

“Yeah, Dad, I’ll come over and tell you. I want to roast the meat first. Later, the fried chicken is ready, and the barbecue is almost

ready .” “Yes, the fried chicken will be ready soon.

” Hmm.”

The father and daughter were busy working together. Soon, the fried chicken was ready, and the roasted meat was golden on both sides, and the aroma was permeated.

“Dad, sitting at home while eating fried chicken barbecue, drinking beer, and watching the snow outside the window, it feels super good.” Su Zihan picked up his chopsticks and said happily.

“Dad, I started.”

“Wow, dad, this fried chicken is so delicious. It is fried just right, soft and tender.”

“It’s even more delicious than KFC’s fried chicken!”

“It’s so delicious !” It’s ~~”

“If it tastes delicious, eat more.” When his daughter praised his cooking skills, Su Chen felt a sense of accomplishment.

The happiest thing is to look at the person who cares, the smile on his face when he eats the dishes he made with his heart~~

Su Chen took a beer can, opened the can, looked at the snow scene outside the window, and took a sip Harbin beer.

I couldn’t help but sigh.

In less than three hours, his life has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Not only have the quintuplet daughter, but also the Jinghua child mother who is waiting for him to conquer, as well as the selection system that makes money so-easy.

Life is so beautiful.

The father and daughter talked while eating.

“Dad, I told you before that I have four younger sisters, the second is called Su Yinuo, and the third is called…”

“Hanhan, wait a minute.” Su Chen quickly took out his phone, clicked on the memo, and looked up again Looking at his daughter, he explained with a smile, “Dad is getting older and has a bad memory, so I have to note down the names of all four of your sisters.” There are

too many daughters and it’s hard to remember their names.

If a daughter’s words are read a few times in my heart, I will remember them.

Five daughters, he was worried that he would forget one the next day, and another one the next day…

At that time, it is difficult to ask her daughter for her name.

When the time comes to meet the other four daughters, if you call the wrong name, you will lose face.

So it’s better to write it down in a memo.

No way, if a daughter is concerned, there will be no such troubles~

Su Zihan said in understanding: “Well, Dad, when my mom’s female colleague comes to my house, she also needs to use her mobile phone to remember the names of our five sisters, because I can’t remember the child, hehe.”

“Dad, the second sister is called Su Yinuo, one, two and three is’one’, and the promise is’no.'”

“The third sister is called Su Kexin, the lovely’Ke’, the thriving’Xin “.”

“The fourth sister is called Su Yutong, the language of’Yu’, the Wutong’s’Tong’.”

“The fifth sister is called Su Youyu, the young’young’, the fish is the’fish’.”

“Me and the second sister are Identical twins, look exactly the same, and the other three younger sisters, who are fraternal multiples, look a little different from ours.”

“Okay, Dad wrote it down.” Looking at the names of the five daughters in the memo.

Su Chen has a particularly proud sense of pride.

Comfortable, five daughters!

I really want to see them right away.

There were pictures of five more daughters in the family at that time, and the scene must be very lively and warm.

I really look forward to meeting my other four daughters.

Also, the child’s mother Lin Wanxue~

“Which school do the four younger sisters study at? Are they in the imperial capital?” Su Chen asked.

Su Zihan nodded happily, “Well, our five sisters have all been admitted to the Imperial Capital.”

“The second sister is in the Imperial Capital University of Economics and Business, that is, at your dad’s school, and she majors in accounting.”

Su Chen was stunned. The second daughter was studying in his school!

And the second daughter is exactly like the eldest daughter.

However, in the impression, he has never seen such a beautiful female student like the eldest daughter?

It is estimated that the second daughter rarely visits this place in his bookstore.

Because the University of International Trade is very large, there are seven canteens, and his bookstore is just next to the second canteen.

It doesn’t matter, the second daughter is studying at the University of International Trade, and he will see him sooner or later!

Just think about it and get excited~

“The third sister is studying fine arts at Qingbei University.”

“Huh—! Yuxin is at Qingbei University!” Su Chen gasped.

Qingbei University!

This is the top-tier university that ranks NO1 in the country alongside Imperial Capital University!

Lin Wanxue, cattle breaking!

He even cultivated two daughters from top-tier universities, one Imperial University and one Qingbei University, and the University of Trade is also a 211-level university!

Su Zihan saw Su Chen’s shocked look, and the smile on his face became even sweeter.

Their five sisters want to be the proud daughters of their fathers~~

She continued to say with joy: “The fourth sister and I were admitted to a university, Imperial Capital University, I studied computer science, and the fourth sister was studying clinical surgery.”

Su Chen: “!!!”

Another daughter of Imperial Capital University! ! !

Five sisters took the test of Imperial Capital Normal University, majoring in Chinese language and culture.” Su Chen drank three sips of beer in a row in excitement, and said with great pride and excitement: “You five sisters, all of you took the exams for the university!

” Two imperial capital universities, one Qingbei University, one double first-class university, and one 211 heavy undergraduate university!”

“Niu Niuniu!”

“Our family is a top five!”

“It’s cool, it’s so cool~~”

Who has him, Su Chen, awesome?