Chapter 7 Daughter wants to live with me!

“Hanhan, your five sisters are the pride of dad.”

“Your mother is too good.”

Su Zihan heard his dad say that they are the pride of dad, so happy.

Especially father praised mother.

She struck while the iron was hot and said: “Dad and mom have been single until now.”

“I haven’t talked about a relationship with anyone.”

“One mind is placed on our five sisters.”

“So we educated our five sisters very well.”

“We The five sisters can be admitted to such a good university, and my mother has put in a lot of hard work.”

Her greatest wish is that her family of seven can be reunited together.

She came to Dad’s house today to see if Dad has wives and children.

Although she found out early that her father is not married and currently does not have a girlfriend, she does not know that the news is forbidden.

So I have to take a look.

Then I found out with joy that there was nothing about women or children in my father’s house.

She thinks her father should not be married and have children.

If the father is unmarried and her mother is unmarried, then the father and mother can be together.

That’s awesome~~~

“Your mother is still single?” Su Chen asked in shock.

At the same time, my heart was overjoyed.

He thought that because of Lin Wanxue’s stunning appearance, he gave birth to quintuplets, and he should have been married home long ago by a good boy from the rich family.

Or have talked about a lot of love.

Unexpectedly, he was always single!

All the thoughts were put on the five daughters who cultivated the two of them in common.

Lin Wanxue is really a good woman!

He looked forward to seeing Lin Wanxue more and more.

Such a good woman, of course, has to be put on her household registration book, which is more at ease.

However, neither he nor Lin Wanxue said a word, and Lin Wanxue is a beautiful police flower.

He was in a passive state again in the fate of the two 19 years ago.

I don’t know what Lin Wanxue’s impression of him is.

Do you like him?

Especially when he thought of Lin Wanxue’s picture that night, he was full of fighting spirit.

It is bound to find the place that was lost at the beginning, Bidong Lin Wanxue, and then molested her and took her down!

Thinking of Lin Wanxue being slammed by him, he felt the blood rolling.

The whole body is a little hot.

He quickly took a sip of Harbin beer, calm and calm.

This matter can’t be rushed.

Anxious and error-prone.

And after experiencing so many failed relationships before, Su Chen felt that he had to improve himself before meeting Lin Wanxue.

For example, the most important point: the ability to make money!

With the system in place, making money is super easy, and it only takes time to settle.

“Dad, although there are many people who persevere in pursuing their mothers, they are either kicked off by their mothers, or beaten up violently by their mothers. Those who are resistant to fights are brought into the bureau on charges of violating the law and order and let their colleagues Invite them to drink tea.”

“Scared the group of suitors, all of them became quail.”

“Later, no one dared to chase mother, hehe~~” When

father went to chase mother, she thought, mother would definitely not treat father like this~

Su Chen was stunned when he heard these words, and then laughed’pouch’ He came out and said with a thumbs up: “Your mother is really a police flower, hot!”

Such a hot police flower beauty, he has to figure out how to take it.

What a challenging thing.

It is precisely because of the challenges that, so far, the child’s mother is still single.

In other words, the child’s mother has only rolled the sheets with him in this life~~ On

the night 19 years ago, although he was caught by the child’s mother or something, he remembered clearly that he took hers. A blood.

Thinking of this, Su Chen was even more excited.

The mood is very good.

Toast and clink glasses with the daughter, “Hanhan, come, let’s toast to celebrate the reunion of our father and daughter.”

“Dad, cheers~~” The

father and daughter drank a few sips of Harbin beer.

Then he smiled happily.

Continue to chat while eating barbecue.

Su Zihan thought of a question and wanted to ask for a long time. At this moment, he used Jiu Jin to ask boldly, “Dad, what’s your recent relationship status?”

Su Chen understood what the little girl wanted to ask, so he rubbed it in love. Rubbing her little head, he said, “Daddy is single now, and there are no other children except your five sisters.”

He had to give the little girl a reassurance.

Because the daughter is also a girl.

Petting a daughter is almost the same as petting a girlfriend.

Sometimes a girl just wants a peace of mind, just tell her directly.

Don’t let her think about it, worry about gains and losses.

This way the feelings are sweeter.

Sure enough, as soon as the little girl heard this, her eyes sparkled, her red lips because of the spicy barbecue, her smile was the biggest.

Very fast, I kissed Su Chen on the cheek, and said with joy: “Awesome~~”

Then he said while the iron was hot: “Dad, I see that there are two rooms in the house. I can live in it in the future. Is it here?”

She wants to live with her father.

I want to experience the warm feeling of living with my dad.

Before seeing other children of the same age have fathers, she said in her face that she didn’t care, but in her heart, she was full of envy.

Now, she found her father.

Her father also keep living together ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ cohabitation

with their father had with daily ~ ~

“Congratulations to host bite …… faced with a choice.”

“Select a, refused the request of his daughter, let her live here, 600,000 reward Cash.”

“Choose two, agree to the daughter’s request, live with her daughter, and reward a seven-seater Toyota Alpha worth 700,000.”