Chapter 8 Daughter was bullied, Su Chen was angry and wanted to support her daughter

Su Chen was stunned.

It is the daughter’s problem, not the system’s choice.

Because he has never lived with a woman!

When talking about girlfriends before, I didn’t live together. At most, I took them home for the night or a weekend.

Cohabitation means that in the future, he and his daughter will live under the same roof.

After staying for a day or two in a short period of time, he can restrain himself, make himself well-dressed, or clean the house clean and tidy.

Don’t throw away stinky socks, dirty clothes and other small details in life.

However, if you live together for a long time.

He must be unable to completely get rid of these long-established habits…

refuse to live together, right?

The look in his daughter’s expectant eyes, he really couldn’t say anything to refuse.

If you agree?

The daughter has just been 18 years old and has grown up.

It’s a big girl.

It’s really inconvenient.

“Hanhan, this…” He wanted to refuse.

And distance produces beauty.

He also worried that if he kept living together, his father’s image would collapse in his daughter’s heart.

It will make my daughter think that his father still has such and that kind of shortcomings and minor problems, and there is no way to like it like this when he meets for the first time.

However, he hadn’t finished talking about his refusal. Suddenly, the little guy drew a tissue and wiped his tears.

The little nose choked, “Dad, it’s true that I was admitted from Zhonghai. Although the admission scores are very good, there are several roommates in the dormitory that

push me out.” “It’s not quietly putting my toothpaste in my toothpaste. Changing to a facial cleanser is to isolate me and prevent other roommates from talking to me.”

“There is something even more exaggerated, oooooo, that time I just read in the library late, and when I came back late, I forgot to bring my dormitory key. , Knocked on the door for a long time, and they didn’t open the door for me.”

“Auntie the supervisor came and helped me open the door.”


She didn’t lie either.

Because she was not only selected as one of the top five college flowers of Imperial Capital University, but also ranked first in her major in the high school entrance examination.

It is also a foreign student.

Two local roommates were jealous of her, excluded her, and then threatened and bullied several other local and remote roommates to isolate her.

Hearing these words, Su Chen’s forehead was congested, and he was so angry that he stood up and said loudly, “Hanhan, you are my father’s daughter. You are a family with your father. It is only natural to live with your father!”

“I will live tonight !” in my father here! do not go back to the dormitory to break up! ” “

mad at me, so dare to bully my daughter! ” “

go, go to your dorm with my father! ” “

Dad give you support! “

said Su Chen, who Going to beat people.

Su Zihan lied to the impulsive Su Chen, and said anxiously: “Dad, those things are over. I will live with my dad in the future, so there will be no such thing.”

“Dad, don’t be angry.”

She said. These things, in fact, just want to live with her dad, and there is no idea of asking her to help her out.

Because these are just some small conflicts and frictions between girls.

She didn’t want her father to end up in the game because of her little incident.

She just wants to live a warm and beautiful daily life with her dad~~

Seeing her dad maintain her in this way, her feelings of grievance being squeezed out by her roommates emptied instantly.

She felt warm in her heart.

Is this the feeling of being pampered by a father?

This kind of feeling is really good~~

It has to be there forever.

Su Chen gradually calmed down under her daughter’s pull.

If you think about it carefully, these are probably what happened in the dormitories of many college girls.

Beautiful girls with grades will be jealous and excluded by some female classmates.

If he is really impulsively punching those girls, he is probably going to cause trouble for his daughter, and make other female classmates afraid to make friends with her daughter.

The daughter was really completely isolated.

In the end, he was happy with those classmates who isolated his daughter.

As soon as he turned his head, he had a plan in his heart.

He wants his daughter to be a heartthrob!

Let my daughter be in school, not only a school girl, a schoolmaster, but also a god of wealth!

Xixi in the world is for profit.

At that time, the female students who isolate their daughters will automatically die socially and be collectively isolated by everyone!

This is the most correct way to help your daughter vent her anger!

Think about it, it’s so cool.

I really look forward to that scene soon!

“Hanhan, Dad listens to you, Dad is not angry anymore.”

“Daddy wipes your tears, stop crying.”

“Our family Hanhan is the most beautiful, or a tyrant, really smart.”

“Hanhan is the pride of father.”

Su Chen felt distressed and wiped the little girl. She shed tears and asked, “Hanhan, are you playing stocks?” The

rewards of the system should come in handy.

“Dad, I have only played on Alipay’s simulated stock trading, and never really bought stocks.” Why did Dad suddenly ask about this?

The little girl looked at her dad who was wiping her tears with some confusion.

“Hanhan, come, you download a Southern Fortune APP, Dad will take you stocks, pack tickets to make money, Dad will show you the stocks Dad bought today, and you will know.” With

that, Su Chen opened the mobile phone’s stock background , Show it to the little girl.

Su Zihan has played simulated stocks, so he can tell at a glance how many percentage points and how much money Su Chen bought this stock today.

How much is the total income.

Seeing the numbers above, she was stunned!

“Dad! Your stock has gone up by 2%! You made 30,000 yuan!!!”

“That’s amazing!”

“Dad, how are you! Earn 30,000 yuan a day!”

“Wow! It’s still rising! It has gone up by another hundred yuan!”

“It has gone up by another two hundred yuan!” “

Wow! Wow!!!!”

The atmosphere that was still low just now was pulled back by the shocked and happy expression and exclamation of the little girl.

The warmth is restored again.

Seeing the shock and surprise on the little girl’s face, Su Chen said with a petting smile: “This is just a trivial matter.”

Tomorrow will increase by 10%, the daily limit~~

haha~~ “Dad will open a stock account for you, you can usually put the pocket money you don’t need urgently in the account.”

“If you need money, the money in the stock It can be taken out the next day, which is very convenient.”