Beauty From Heart – 这个世界不看脸

Beauty From Heart – 这个世界不看脸
Other name: Zhe Ge Shi Jie Bu Kan Lian, This World Does Not Look At Appearance
Genre(s): Business, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Release: Jan 11, 2021 – Feb 4, 2021
Episode(s): 45
Country: China
Broadcast: iQiyi
Director(s): Wang Zhi
Writer(s): Yun Wang
Cast: Edward Zhang, Janice Wu, Gai Cass, Alina Zhang, Wang Xin Qiao


An inside look into plastic surgery in the entertainment industry depicts a story of youth, courage and fearlessly moving forward.

Tao Xiao Ting and Tao Xiao Di are twin sisters who have come to the big city to strive hard for a better living. Xiao Ting has always been persistent and hardworking, but her older sister Xiao Di wishes to take shortcut using her beauty. From then on, they lead two different lives. Business prodigy Lian Sheng has been commissioned to return home to China to solve the crisis involving Ounuo department store’s impending acquisition. It leads to a meeting with Tao Xiao Ting although they immediately get on the wrong foot.

Meanwhile, Xiao Di has set her sights on Ounuo’s young boss Chou Ying Shu. Liang Sheng witnesses Xiao Ting’s resilient spirit in overcoming adversities and his attitude towards her evolves from distrust, contempt and teasing to a sincere appreciation, attraction and love. Under the influence of Xiao Ting, Xiao Di grew to understand that the world does not revolve around superficial appearances.