Chapter 0 (Annoy the President)

Leyang slept until the point as usual, and hurried to Ling Ao Group.

“Ah, sorry. President, step on it again, hehe…”

“Call me Ling Ao, don’t let me repeat it again.”

“Huh? Oh, okay.”

“What did I say to you before I left yesterday?”

Uh. . . Before I left yesterday? What did he say? Oh, by the way, he seemed to tell her to wait for her to get off work before she came back. She had been thinking about how to get that person’s information from Brother Qi yesterday, and she completely forgot. . . . . .

“Uh, uh, I, I accidentally forgot, ha ha, ha ha…” Leyang himself felt that his smile was so hypocritical and fake. But how does the president’s face look so dark now! Is he angry? But she didn’t wait for him, and only once, but she didn’t dare to say these words, so she didn’t want to die.

“A careless one? Did you forget it?”

“Uh, it should be, that, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I won’t be anymore, it’s really true!”

“But, I saw you leave in Yuncheng’s car.”

Huh? It turns out that he had already returned by then. Did you see that Brother Qi sent her off? What happened then? It was just sending her home. Le Yang really didn’t realize what was wrong. That great car chief was jealous. It is estimated that only a love idiot like Le Yang would short-circuit his brain and react slowly.

“Oh, that. Brother Qi said he wanted to send me off once or twice. Am I ashamed to always refuse him? Haha, hehe, and the other person is very good, isn’t it your best friend? Haha…”

“I’m sorry to refuse, are you? Then if I say that I want you to have sex with me every day, are you too embarrassed to refuse and go to bed with me?”

“Hey, big car bastard, these are two different things, okay? And I…” I would never agree to do that with someone I don’t love.

It’s just that she hasn’t finished speaking, her pink lips have been taken over by the big car bastard in her mouth.

However, his kiss this time was completely different from before. It was not gentle and it was more like a punitive kiss. He bit her lips violently and it hurt. Why did he use so hard? Bite her, but let her dove once! Really mean.

“Leyang…” Che Lingao didn’t want to let this woman go anymore. He wanted her to become his completely, and it could only be his forever.

Che Lingao hugged Le Yang and walked to the bedroom inside. All of a sudden, Le Yang was thrown onto the bed. His face collapsed very tight, but it was also more cold and charming. I don’t know if it was because of anger or desire?

Leyang looked at Ling Ao’s expression a little scared, how could he look like he wanted to eat it, then she should ask for help now!

“Well, the car, no, it’s Ling Ao, I will listen to you in the future, don’t eat me, no, don’t be angry, I won’t let Brother Qi send me away from now on. , Ha ha, ha ha… “Le Yang said everything nicely, but why didn’t he react at all? It’s just that his lips were tightened, and in the next second, Che Lingao had already gone to bed and occupied Leyang’s chattering mouth again, and his hands were uneasy to bully her breasts.

“Ah, pervert! How can you…”

It’s just that the other party is biting her own mouth, and none of what she said can be pronounced correctly. . . . . .

Alas, the cute little Mianyang was eaten up by the “cruel” truck big bad wolf just because he let the big bad wolf dove out once.

It seems better to be more obedient in the future @-@.

What to do, she originally wanted to leave her first time to the one she loves most, not to him, but why didn’t she refuse him with death? Did she treat him? No, no, absolutely not!

It’s just that if he becomes his woman, he should trust her enough. If her plan is successful, then this sacrifice shouldn’t be important.

Le Yang looked at the stars outside the window, and suddenly missed them, “Wait for me, after the things here are over…”