Chapter 1 The Venus in the Only Note

Black and white piano keys

Scarlet Dream

Between the beginning and the end of the melody

Charming Qingwu



A curtain of rain covering the sky densely wrapped the sky and the earth, and violent winds whizzed across the bridge deck after another, seeming to wipe out the only light in the darkness.

The lights of the ambulance were spinning and flashing not far away. Under the light weakened by the heavy rain, the nurses were busy carrying a comatose teenager who was wet on a stretcher, while another teenager who was also soaked in water stood there. By the side of the car, panting, eagerly asked the doctors present to rescue the unconscious teenager as soon as possible.

I walked forward quickly and held up the umbrella in my hand. As soon as I lifted it to the head of the young man standing next to the car, I was violently knocked off by his hand.

“It’s you, right?” He turned around and stared at me, his hair being washed by the rain, and strands of it were attached to his extremely unhappy face at the moment, “Is it you that Chunxi became like this, right?”

“I…” I looked at the boy in front of me with a little fear, he was Li Xiuzhe, because I often came to our class to look for Jin Sunxi, so I remember him. But I remember him as a big-hearted sunny boy. He doesn’t seem to be angry. I didn’t expect him to yell at me like an angry little lion. It seems that I really did too much this time. Thing.

“Yes… I’m sorry, Lee Soo-cheol, I didn’t intentionally make Jin Soon-hee like this, I…”

Before I finished speaking, Li Xiuzhe interrupted angrily: “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“Um…I met you before, I’m Jin Chunxi’s classmate, my name is…”

“Enough is enough!” I was interrupted impatiently by Li Xiuzhe again. He pushed me away and walked to Jin Chunxi’s stretcher. Jin Sunxi was still in a coma, and his brows were slightly trembling because of pain.

“Anyway, girls like you are really troublesome!” Li Xiuzhe helped the stretcher into the ambulance, turned around and closed the car door, and yelled at me in disgust: “Especially monsters like you who are dropped out of school. Okay, it’s best not to show up in front of everyone in the future!”

With a bang, the door of the ambulance closed.

I can still feel Li Xiuzhe’s disgusting gaze entangled and entangled around me through the glass that was washed by rain.

Drop out…

My ears were filled with these two terrible words, and the huge dizziness made me unable to bear to squat down slowly.

I, who had been persuaded by almost all Morinaga high schools to quit, can’t I still get rid of this fate after transferring to Morinaga High School?

The umbrella was at my feet, but I didn’t have the strength to pick it up, letting the wind beat the raindrops hard on my cheek.

It’s just fine for a monster like you to be dropped out…

It is best not to appear in front of everyone in the future…

Yeah, maybe… I really should drop out.

“Senior sister, do you need help?” A sweet voice suddenly remembered above his head, and then the rain on his body stopped. I looked up and saw a beautiful umbrella parked above my body.

Two girls appeared in front of me at some point. One looked very quiet and the other looked very cute, with brown curly hair softly resting on her chest. They picked up the umbrella on the ground and handed it to me.

“We are a’devil hunter’ who punishes girls who look down on girls as’cocky guys’. My name is Zhang Jingmei.” Wen Jing’s girl smiled softly at me, then pointed to the cute girl with curly hair and introduced: “She is my partner——Guo Xianni. We just saw the boy yelling at you. We think he disrespects the girls very, very much, and it is necessary to punish them a little bit.”


“That’s right! Like the kind of guy who doesn’t respect girls, the devil who yells, “Girls are really troublesome and disgusting”, you must let him know the serious consequences of looking down on girls!” Guo Xianni nodded affirmatively.

“But…” But just now, Li Xiu said that because I was afraid of his good friend Jin Chunxi’s hands, so when I was angry, I didn’t really “disrespect girls”…

However, before my excuse could be spoken, Zhang Jingmei took Guo Xianni’s hand, and the corners of their lips made a 37° confident smile arc: “Senior sister, don’t worry, that demon will soon become He paid the price for his rudeness today.” After speaking, the two of them stepped on the water and turned away briskly.

sweat! This pair of “devil hunters” seemed to take action, but I didn’t ask them to take revenge on Li Xiuzhe! And this incident was originally mine…

“Wait…wait a minute…”

“Don’t get revenge! It was my fault…”

“You made a mistake…”

I shouted desperately behind the two of them, but the rain curtain blocked their backs and blocked my voice.

Seeing that the two backs are getting lighter and lighter and lighter…

Seems to be disappearing…

“Hey! Don’t! Wait a minute–“

I was anxious, yelling, and suddenly sat up from the bed.

It’s a dream.

This is another dream. I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead and sat on the bed in a daze.

It’s obviously been a few months, why can’t we forget the disgusting feeling?


Obviously I have taken a leave of absence since then and never went to school again.

Look at the alarm clock, it’s 7:45.

Now that I’m awake, just go online and browse the intramural website of Morinaga High School to pass the time.

Thinking about this, I seemed to be energetic again, turned over and got out of bed, ran to the computer desk less than one meter from the bed in my pajamas, and turned on the computer.

The school website has not become deserted because of the lack of someone, but has become more and more lively.

The main website is full of official nonsense, I clicked directly into the BBS to read the post.

As soon as I entered the BBS interface, I saw a few hot posts with terrifyingly high replies and hits.

the first is–

[Video] Four Seconds of Aesthetics, Absolutely No. 1 Protagonist Jing Shengxi’s special building for nympho

The poster is called “Shengxi Super Fan”. This post has been in the BBS for a long time. It is a classic video post with undefeated flowers. When there are most people, it will take half a day to open it. Fortunately, the speed today is not bad. I soon saw the new video updated by the host.

The duration of the video is very short. The content is that a teenager in red pants and black shirt carrying a tabby cat wearing sunglasses suddenly fell from the roof of the school venue like a magic trick. I don’t know if he hangs a wire or What other institutions were used, anyway, the scene was a sensation. The flashlights of the reporters in the venue flashed around him one after another. He raised a dazzling smile and waved at everyone like a prince. His honey-gold mid-length hair seemed to be the most beautiful existence in the flashlight…

The video was over, and I noticed the complaint from the host below:

Prince Sheng Hee, the most shining one, made a wonderful appearance at the commendation ceremony of Jin Sun Hee. Although it was only four seconds, it was still very dazzling and perfect. It successfully attracted the attention of the audience. The only regret is that in order to become the first protagonist, the Saint In the end, Prince Hee failed to grab the position of the’first protagonist’ in the commendation ceremony, because ★★★★★★★

The following words are all changed to “★”, which is a special symbol for Morinaga High School BBS owner (moderator) to shield bad speeches.

Why on earth did Jing Shengxi not grab the position of the first protagonist? The reason will be blocked. Really, it will make people more curious and wonder why!

I muttered in my heart, and flipped through the reply posts below. Obviously Jing Shengxi’s fans were protesting just like me, but they posted the reply publicly.

The owner is jealous of us Shengxi, such a good post is also blocked, despise!

Yo Yo Yo, I don’t think it’s just jealous, but I am still inferior. I am inferior that I can’t even look like a little toe of our Shengxi…

I think the moderator must be a running dog of the school…

Agree with the statement upstairs, how can Shengxi’s post be blocked?

I want to know the reason…

A bunch of complaining posts were all changed to attack the moderators. After looking through the posts for a long time, I didn’t find the reason for the news, so I could only move on to the next topic post.

[Declare war] Yoon Jung Hyuk, go to death! Declaring war dedicated building! ! !

The really powerful post was made by a moderator called “Hapi Little Pig”. If the moderator is on the first floor:

Recently, there are more and more posts declaring war against Yin Jung Hyuk, and most of them do not post according to the version rules. It is very troublesome for Xiaozhu to manage. Xiaozhu had to open a theme post by himself, and invite all the enemies of Zheng Hyuk to come here. Declare war.

PS: With a smile, I really look forward to Jeonghyuk’s presence in his post to respond to the declaration of war. Piggy is most obsessed with Jeonghyuk’s manhood! I was thrown a brick and ran with my head…

Next came the scattered war declaration posts turned by “Hapi Little Pig”. I turned it over, and the old declaration war posts alone had more than a dozen pages, which was really powerful.

It’s a pity that I didn’t see the person named “Yin Jung Hyuk” replying in the post. Only one guy named “Sheng Chen You” seemed to be Yin Jung Hyuk’s secretary to reply to the post several times, saying that he would come up regularly to receive valuables. War books, and those who do not dare to leave their real names are not worthy of declaring war with Yin Jong Hyuk. For the next battle book, he will arrange the time and place of the decisive battle, and then notify the declarer.

Khan…Is it so strong? Even the duel has a secretary to arrange the itinerary. I flipped through the post and became more and more curious about what kind of person Yin Jung Hyuk was.

It seems that Morinaga High School has become more “rolling” than before during the time I was suspended from school!

Suddenly, the “wind direction” of the post changed, and many replies were directed to a challenge post. I was distracted just now without looking carefully, so I flipped it up, and finally saw the “most rolling challenge in history” repeatedly mentioned in the reply. Post”——

[Declaration of War Post] Yoon Jung Hyuk, you are dead!

How dare you scare me into the big shit that Longri sent to send a gift to Princess Golden, you are dead!

If you are acquainted, come to Lao Tzu and put up a three-pronged plea, otherwise our SK company will definitely post a black note to you!

——Benevolent Boss Long Riyi

Khan, really “rolling”! I couldn’t help crying for the “big shit” classmate. I wonder if he saw their boss’s election campaign post.

I muttered “Cups” silently in my heart, closed that post and moved on to the next hot post——

[Blessing] Angels blessed by God! Mingze Yuzhefu Special Building

This is a post for Ming Zeyu’s fans to feed Ming Zeyu to collect blessings. Because Ming Zeyu is in poor health, his fans threatened to build a thousand floors for their “Son of God Ming Zeyu GG”.

There are already 800 blessings for multi-storey buildings.

Aesthetic version:

Ming Zeyu, God’s most favored child, is the most noble and elegant angel who descends into the world, and the world becomes bright because of this. I would like to spend the rest of my life guarding him by his side, so that he will be healthy and happy all his life!

Straightforward version:

My favorite Ming Zeyu, I wish you a speedy recovery!

Woman version:

God, why are you so cruel, let the angel come into our sight, but let us witness his weakness with our own eyes, and make us worry all the time! God, why are you so cruel? why?

Unintelligible version:

Master Ming…uuuu…I will always be here…Don’t say I don’t have a heart, my heart is all with you…

On the six hundred and sixtieth floor, the host updated a photo that was secretly taken with a mobile phone. The photo was blurry, as if the soft focus was too much. In the photo is a fluttering feather, like the scene of an idol drama. And what is even more “idol drama” is-a blurry, but still beautiful figure is falling gorgeously in feathers…

After this post was posted, the post boiled with idiots like “So beautiful”, “I’m going crazy”, “Why am I not there?” Of course, there are also normal people who are aware of their idols in the photos. He was falling down and exclaimed relatively normal sighs such as “Master Ming’s asthma is attacking again”, “Isn’t it serious”, and “I’m worried”.

Turning around, the whole post is full of idiot prayers. Unlike the ubiquitous photos and videos in Jing Shengxi’s post, the photos in this post are pitiful, and without exception, the perspective is unbelievable and the picture is blurry. It’s a mess.

Weak…I’m also an idiot fan, how come my professionalism is so bad?

Also, those idiots mentioned that Ming Zeyu is a student in the third grade special class, so he should be my classmate, why haven’t I met him?

When I was puzzled, I suddenly saw a post and my heart jumped.

[Gossip] The truth about the incident that Kim Soon-hee hijacked Guo Xianni

The posting date is yesterday, so I quickly clicked the mouse to enter.

The golden prince and treasure of the town school, Jin Sunxi, suddenly rushed into the classroom of Class E033 in high school yesterday and hijacked a girl named Guo Xianni into her sports car. According to reliable sources, Guo Xianni is the ex-girlfriend of her good friend Li Xiu-cheol, and Jin Soon-hee kidnapped her to force her to go to the hospital to visit her injured ex-boyfriend Li Xiu-cheol.

Jin Soon-hee, Li Xiu-cheol, Guo Xianni… are all familiar names that can no longer be familiar, and they are also a few names that appear repeatedly in my dreams after that incident, but how did Guo Xianni become Li Xiu-che’s ex-girlfriend? Didn’t she say that Li Xiuzhe “knows the serious consequences of looking down on girls”? Could it be that… the breakup of her relationship with Li Xiuzhe was also related to that incident?

Unlike the question mark that is full of headaches on my side, the following classmates’ replies can be described as enthusiastic.

hijack? How could our golden prince Jin Sunhee do such an unskilled thing? Seriously doubt the authenticity of this post!

Prince Chunxi is an “iceberg”, how could he “suddenly rush in” and “hijack”? It’s not like what he would do!

But he did that, but our prince Chunxi is as handsome even if he is “hijacked”! Prince Soon Hee is the most handsome hijacker in history!

Is Kim Soon-hee really doing it for Lee Soo-cheol? Doubtful.

4242, maybe it’s to get Guo Xianni’s attention… I hate it, people don’t want to do this!

I’ve heard something, do you know…

My mouse cursor stopped here.

The fingers trembled slightly. Instantly cold all over

Do you still remember the “Hundred Thousand Why Misses” Yuan Caixi? It is said that her voluntary suspension of school is also related to Jin Soon-hee and Lee Soo-chul! !

One hundred thousand why miss…

Yuan Caixi…

That’s right, it’s me!

Seeing this reply, the images that have been lingering in my brain suddenly surging out, as if I was once again in the heavy rain, watching the ambulance driving away Jin Soon-hee and Lee Soo-chul, the screaming whistle sounded more The heavy rain was also icy and bitter, cooling down all the temperature in my heart.

I slowly squatted to the ground, hugging my knees in the heavy rain, my face was wet, I couldn’t tell if it was rain or tears…

My heart began to ache again, and I hurriedly pressed the computer’s shutdown button, not wanting to see the post again, embarrassed like a deserter.

The computer was facing the window of the room, and a uniform was hung in the pure white gauze curtain. The dark blue navy-style uniform is the uniform of Morinaga High School. Mom said that when night falls, there will be angels at the window of kind children, and angels will sprinkle the gospel from the window, and the things bathed in the gospel can be kept forever Perfect and fresh, so I hang it on the window every night after changing into my uniform, hoping that he can bathe in the angel’s gospel, always glamorous, and take me to escape the fate of being dropped out of school.

But maybe I’m not kind enough, the angel has never been there at all.

I always annoy the school leaders and teachers because I like to ask questions, speak without looking at the occasion. I have been politely persuaded from school after school, and there is no school to go to.

“Hey, have you heard that there is a new class in the third year of high school called’Three Years Group Two’…”

“How could I have never heard of it, it’s a class used to isolate’monsters’…”

“Haha, such weird class shouldn’t exist at all…”

Downstairs, there are classmates who go to school chatting and passing by, and their loud chatting and laughing voices clearly broke into my ears.

Three-year group two? Specially used to isolate the “monster” class?


Especially for monsters like you, it’s just fine to be dropped out of school, and it’s best not to show up in front of everyone in the future…

Li Xiuzhe’s angry voice echoed in his ears again.

Maybe, if I didn’t suspend school, I would be put into that “monster” class…

Phew, Morinaga is so big, why isn’t there a school willing to accommodate me? Am I really a monster?

Are students who like to ask questions really that unpleasant?

why? When the teacher was in class, he clearly said that there was a question to ask. I asked, why I was hated instead? In fact, teachers don’t like students always asking questions, right? But if you don’t like it, why do you have to pretend to say that you can ask questions at will?

There are many “whys” entangled in my brain, making me a headache. I shook my head vigorously and threw all the question marks out of my head.

The comics are right. The real world is really terrible. I’d better return to the two-dimensional world. It’s better to go to the “secret base” to watch comics to pass the time, and replenish your vitality by the way!

My “vital girl” Yuan Caixi can’t be frustrated at every turn!

After making up my mind, I picked up the cartoon that I hadn’t finished reading last night by the pillow, and ran out of the house in my beloved little cow nightdress.

The back door of Senyong High School is very close to my home, only two blocks away. The back door to the school is a very quiet grove. Very few people usually pass by. Today’s grove is just as unattended as usual. Only the unknown birds cried constantly on the branches, which was very lively.

My mood suddenly improved, so I raised my head and greeted the little bird: “Hello, little bird. Although we often meet, why do you never worry but I always have trouble?”

The little birds were frolicking and dancing in the woods, and the chattering and chattering was an answer to my question. I laughed happily. Look, not all creatures in the world hate to be asked why, as for these little birds.

There is an abandoned glass piano room in the depths of the woods. It was probably built by rich people, but they thought it was too partial and discarded it. This is my “secret base”.

The weather today is exceptionally good. The sun shines through the dense branches and leaves, leaving light spots on the path, dancing freely with the rhythm of the wind.

I looked far from the woods and saw the transparent glass piano room. It’s just that today’s piano room looks a little different from usual, as if it has been cleaned, it’s clear and bright, and it’s very clean.

I walked over slowly, feeling a little strange in my heart. I have been to this piano room many times, and I have never found anyone else approaching, let alone cleaning it. What happened today?

As I continued to walk in, I slowly saw that the piano room covered by trees had many wooden flower stands. There were no flowers on the easel, but many evergreen green plants and a few potted sauvignon vines snaking around. On the flower stand.

so beautiful!

It’s only been a few days, how come you have become so beautiful?

Could it be that the angel descended?

I walked forward in amazement and excitement, looking at the piano room presented in front of me little by little, full of expectation in my heart.

Can you really see the angel?

After seeing the angel, what should I tell him?

When I finally walked to the piano room, the easel became particularly clear in front of me, and through the tangled green vines, I could vaguely see a pure white piano in the piano room.

What a beautiful piano, but how come there is a piano here?

When I was surprised, the sound of piano came from between the easels. The sound of the piano was like the sound of heaven, spreading between the trees and the sunlight. I seemed to see the winding creek in the mountain stream, transparent and brisk.

Is it an angel playing? Otherwise, how could there be such a beautiful piano sound?

I held my breath, only feeling that the blood in my body was about to stagnate, and walked in the direction of the sound of the piano softly.

The light from the branches and leaves mottled the piano’s body. In the warm sunlight, I saw a teenager sitting beside the piano.

He was wearing a white shirt, a beige woolen vest, and his warm brown hair showed a nice halo in the sun.

At this moment, he is facing back to me, quietly playing the piano, and the piece he played happened to be my favorite “Serenade”. It is the manga that Young Master Hua Mu built a piano room for Aixi, and for Aixi On the page where she played the piano, Hua Mu was also wearing a white shirt and beige woolen vest. Her warm brown hair was jumping softly in the morning sun, just like the situation before her.

Are you dreaming?

Does my favorite Master Hua Mu really exist?

As if bewitched by the magic in the comics, I followed the sound of the piano, learning the appearance of Aixi, and gently walked behind the boy. Her soft, warm brown hair is now gently draped around her neck, and the skin between the hair strands is unusually white, almost transparent under the sun, revealing a different kind of beauty.

He must be Master Hua Mu who ran out of the comics, no, it should be said that he is more beautiful than Master Hua Mu.

I approached him slowly, breathing the clean fragrance of the green leaves in the air, a flush of blush on my cheeks unconsciously, and then slowly leaned over with a smile, and lifted the boy playing the piano from behind.

The boy’s body stiffened, and his slender fingers stopped on the black and white keys. A breeze with a fresh fragrance of grass blew from outside the glass door of the piano room, picked up my long hair, and landed on his arm. His voice raised, softer and more transparent than a breeze: “Who?”

This sound awakened me suddenly. I hurriedly let go of him, stepped back two steps, and my face gradually became hot in the cool wind.

He slowly turned around, and my pupils widened in an instant.

The boy in front of him is a boy who is more like an angel than the young master Hua Mu in the comics. He has warm brown soft hair, fair skin, almost transparent, dark eyes, big pupils, and clearness that is rare in the world. The pale lips are like a pale pink rose in full bloom, everything is exquisite that I have never seen before. Where he is, it seems that people around him have been given a soft focus, giving people a bright, sacred and noble feeling, like seeing a god.

Such a noble person of mine, I actually hugged him recklessly just now… I lowered my head in embarrassment, and my long bangs hung in front of my eyes, almost covering my entire face, and my face was flushed to the base of my neck. : “Yes… I’m sorry… I thought you were Young Master Hua Mu.”

The godlike teenager raised his lips and smiled slightly when he saw my embarrassment: “I’m sorry I am not Master Hua Mu, my name is Ming Zeyu.”

Ming Zeyu?

Is it the “God Blessed Angel” Ming Zeyu mentioned in the post?

I was a little surprised by the fact that the person who was supported by many fans and called the “Child of God” was so approachable. Especially when I heard what he said just now, I was even more embarrassed. I raised my head and waved my hands indiscriminately: “No… No… I made a mistake, the wild thinking in broad daylight, Master Hua Mu is a character in comics, how could it appear in reality… It was my fault…”

“Characters in the comics?” The smile spread on Ming Zeyu’s face, like a flower bud blooming quietly, with a quiet but eye-catching beauty. “The characters in the comics may really appear, just like now, I I thought that I was the only one playing the piano here alone, and who knew I saw you. It’s like the encounter in the comics, isn’t it?”


Is it a beautiful encounter like Master Hua Mu and Ai Xi in the comics?

Can I, who is hated by so many people, have such a beautiful encounter like Aixi? I lowered my head and flipped through the comics. In the comics, Aixi said: As long as I believe there are angels, I will definitely meet angels.

She was right, I met an angel today.

“Your piano sounds so good, I was bewitched by it before I knew it.” I scratched my head and smiled embarrassedly. After laughing for a while, I suddenly remembered that the other party had already introduced my name. I haven’t introduced myself yet, so I solemnly stretched out a hand to Ming Zeyu and said, “I’m glad to meet you here. My name is Yuan Caixi. It’s… a former student of Morinaga High School’s excellent class.”

Ming Zeyu stood up gracefully and took the hand I stretched over, looking at me, her voice was a little surprised: “It used to be? No wonder I am also in the special class, but I have never seen you. It turns out that you are in our class to take care of the suspension. Are you the classmate of the formalities?”

“Yeah.” I nodded and asked questioningly, “I transferred to Morinaga High School in May this year. Why didn’t I see you in the special class?”

“Hehe, because I happened to be away from school because of illness when you transferred to school. When I came back, you happened to be away from school again, so I just missed it.” Ming Zeyu smiled and looked at my long bangs seriously. The pair of dim eyes below, “You said, do we count as a duo like this?”

Suspended duo?

It’s really warm, but the difference is that he dropped out of school because of illness, but I was to escape…

“Actually, my situation is different from yours…” I lowered my head and twisted my clothes corners, and whispered, “I don’t want to suspend school at all. If I can, I would like to sit in the classroom and go smoothly with my classmates. Lidi graduated from high school. It’s just…” The following sentence seemed to have a small thorn, stuck in the throat, and couldn’t say anything.

“Just what? Why not go back to school?” he asked in a gentle and soft voice.

“Haha…because I can’t go back.” I looked up and smiled reluctantly, “I was hated, by the teacher, and by my classmates… I almost killed my classmates, and it’s normal to be hated… But…but I really want to go back to school…”

As I spoke, a tear rolled out of my eye sockets uncontrollably and slid down my cheeks.

OMG! Why am I crying? How can I cry in front of the “angel” I met for the first time? This will definitely be looked down upon by the “angels”! When I think of being hated by “angels”, I just want to die.

Ming Zeyu looked at me quietly, and for a long time, she raised her hand and gently wiped away the tears hanging on my chin: “Yuan Caixi, if that is your wish, try hard to realize it. !”


Ming Zeyu gently touched my head, stopped the frustrating words that I was about to blurt out, and then took my hand back to the piano.

“Do you believe it? It is said that the pianist’s music guardian angel lives here. She swayed her soul and will on the keys and buried them in every performance, so every key can play its own Musical notes. If the world is a huge piano, then we are the black and white keys on this piano. Whether they are black or white, they have their uniqueness and unique existence. No one should be liked, and there is no People should be hated, just like the piano, without a key, you can’t play a perfect piece.”

His gentle voice seemed to have magical powers, and dispelled all my depression just now.

My soul also seemed to be attracted by this gorgeous piano, and I couldn’t help asking him: “Then am I a unique existence? Can I also find my own notes?”

“Well, it must be!” Ming Zeyu nodded, bends the corners of her lips, and gestured to me at the piano, “Now, can I ask you to pick a note?”

“Me?” I stared at the smooth black piano face in front of me, showing my dazed and stunned expression and Ming Zeyu’s warm smile of encouragement beside me.

“Pick a note that belongs to you.” He whispered softly in my ear with his unique gentle and clear voice. The warm and moist breath floated around my neck, making my body feel the same.

My note…

As if bewitched, I raised my finger hesitantly and moved to the space above the row of black and white keys.

The piano keys reflect the elegant luster, and the sunlight shines brightly from the gaps in the flower stand, jumping mottled at my fingertips.

Here, are there really keys that can play the unique notes that belong to me?


My finger finally landed on a key in the corner, and the piano made a low tone.

Ming Zeyu raised the corners of her lips slightly, and the superego nodded, then sat down in front of the piano, tapping the keys with her graceful slender fingers, and soon an elegant and brisk piano music flowed out of the keys.

The beautiful and smooth music is flowing among the flowers and in the morning light. I seem to see the beautiful and holy music guardian angel dancing in front of me. That dance has the power to wash the human soul and will take away my depression and discouragement. Leave vitality and hope.

The most wonderful thing is that when the song ended, his fingers just fell on the key I just pressed. Under his interpretation, the original low-pitched music turned into the finishing touch of the unknown song.

“Look, Yuan Caixi—”

Ming Zeyu raised his head from the row of black and white piano keys, looked directly into my eyes, and raised a gentle and holy smile in the sun.

“This song has been waiting for this note for a long time.”

At that moment, I must have been confused by the look on his face that looked like an angel, so that when I walked out of the glass piano room, my head was still dizzy, and it was filled with his soft, feathery smile.

Before leaving, I bowed deeply to Ming Zeyu: “Thank you, Ming Zeyu. After chatting with you, I feel that my grievances have recovered again!”

“Hehe, is it? Turns out I am Yuan Caixi’s’Yuanqi Gas Station’.”

“‘Yuanqi Gas Station’? A very good name, can I call you like that in the future?”

“Very happy, Miss Genki.”

“Ha, thanks, Mr. Yuanqi Gas Station.”

I blinked at him, took another deep breath of the fresh air in the small woods, looked at the sky and knew the slightest white clouds and said: “Although I discovered this’secret base’ first, you are welcome to come often in the future. Oh. The air here is very comfortable and it will be good for your body.”

“Oh?” He seemed a little surprised, then nodded gently, “Yeah.”

With a soft sound, it almost melted into this white halo, but completed the secret agreement between the two of us.