World Book Day Public Welfare Live Egg Show (Extra)

[Xu You. Just like. The rest of your life. The crossing diary of dog food couples-Welcome to my world]

-The sky is clear and the wind is clear, and it is April in the world, and the spring is bright.

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi looked at the unfamiliar surroundings in the pedestrian street of Jiuzi Square in Wuhu, Anhui, half a city with mountains and rivers.

Immediately afterwards, four more people appeared on the opposite side.

One of the girls in the white dress threw into Ning Xi’s arms with a cheer, “Brother Xi! Long time no see! I miss you!”

“Wan Wan?” Ning Xi was delighted, and then turned to the person next to Ye Wanwan. Si Yehan, as well as Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng behind them, looked at them, “There is also Xiaoyan, President Pei, you are here too!”

Lin Yan took Pei Yucheng’s arm and looked around, “My mother summoned us. It’s been a long time since I came here, so let’s come out and get together!”

Ye Wanwan said excitedly, “Yeah, yes! My mother said that there are many delicious snacks in Wuhu, so I want to take us to eat!”

Lin Yan rubbed his hands and said, “I would like to go to my mother’s house to pet the cat!”

At this time, a girl with thick hair appeared in front of the six and greeted enthusiastically, “Hahaha no problem with eating and eating, I will treat you. Of course it’s okay to slap a cat! But before that, you have to complete a small task that my mother I assigned to you!”

Ye Wanwan jumped over and said, “Wow, it’s a real mother! Task? What task is it? Huh?”

My mother’s face was full of the old mother’s smile: “The task is, I need your help to raise some donations for public welfare. There is no limit to the amount of money, and I’ll do my best.”

Ning Xi said immediately, “It’s not easy. Mom, you just send the account number.”

My mother smiled mysteriously, “It’s not that simple, you know, you have been summoned to my world by me, and you can’t use the money you have. Therefore, you can only earn this here through the specialties I have given you. A sum of money, and, in a limited time, I have to raise this sum of money before the sun goes down today.”

Lin Yan touched his chin, “It seems to be a bit difficult to say so.”

University Town.

Today is the weekend, and it is very lively near the university town.

Ning Xi led Lu Tingxiao, wandering around, thinking of a way, “Well, how can I make money for people who are not familiar with the land! Specialties? What specialties did my mother give me?”

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl beside him. One glance: “Extremely beautiful.”

Ning Xi said, “Hey, dear, why do you like to tell the truth so much!” The

two were walking around, and Ning Xi suddenly lit up. There was a stall in front of him , shooting balloons with a toy gun. Ten dollars to play once, fifty bullets each time.

The more balloons you shoot, the better the prizes you get. If you can shoot all of them, there is a super prize. The prize is a huge doll that is very expensive at first glance.

“Dear! I have it!”

Ning Xi summoned her mother. “Mom, lend me thirty yuan and

pay you back.” After borrowing the money, Ning Xi bought it with the boss three times.

In the first fifty rounds, fifty balloons were all hit.

In the second round of fifty bullets, fifty balloons were all hit.

In the third fifty rounds, fifty balloons were still hit.

Ning Xi won the most expensive prize three times in a row. The boss was dumbfounded, her face was painful, “Little girl! You can do it, I’m all a small business, and the first prize is already too difficult. One is prepared. You have already won three. I can’t redeem it for you!”

Ning Xi smacked his tongue, “It’s okay, you can exchange all three of them for money, so you can give me the cost price!”

“No problem, no problem!” The boss hurriedly transferred the money to Ning Xi for fear. This little ancestor wants to continue playing.

A certain mother’s mouth twitched slightly: “The granddaughter of the grand old General Zhuang, use this sharpshooter’s technique to shoot balloons on the street to make money?”

Ning Xi said, “What’s the matter, isn’t this making money by my skills? My mother, my mission is completed

Right ?” My mother couldn’t refute: “Uh…Congratulations, the mission is accomplished.”

…On the lively street.

Lin Yan and Pei Yucheng are also looking for ways to make money.

Pei Yucheng’s eyes immediately fell on a job advertisement.

Lin Yan followed Pei Yucheng’s gaze and saw it was an advertisement for a chef…

Lin Yan recalled Pei Yucheng’s dark cooking, his mouth twitched, and quickly dragged Pei Yucheng away: “Uh, my dear, no As for, not, let’s find a separate way to make money…” As

he said, Lin Yan’s gaze fell on a cool-painted billboard-Karting Competition: The super prize is waiting for you!

“Hahaha! There is a way!”

Half an hour later, Lin Yan summoned his mother and gave the first prize with joy.

The mother who had just arrived from Ning Xi’s face turned darker, “You are a world-leading racing champion, and you ran to a toy-level kart competition to earn money? Wouldn’t your conscience hurt?”

Lin Yan said, “No. Yes! I make money by my ability!” My

mother listened to the same answer as Brother Xi silently.

Just as my mother was distressed, the voice of receiving transfers continued from her love collection account.

When she hurried over, she only saw Si Yehan standing in a lively park with a square sign hanging on his chest. The sign read “Love Donations” and printed the payment code for donations.

There were a lot of people around Si Yehan who were lining up to scan the code to donate money. Ye Wanwan was counting money beside him happily, and reminded Si Yehan from time to time: “Thank you.”

Si Yehan said, “Thank you.” “

You’re welcome, you’re welcome!” Aunt A-niang ran away happily after finishing the donation.

The girl next to him

asked, “Is this kind of love donation a liar?” “So handsome, how could he be a liar!”

“It makes sense! I’ll donate a little too!”

Mom: “Um, Wanwan, you…fouled the rules? What I said is to rely on your expertise to raise funds!”

Ye Wanwan looked innocent: “I rely on our expertise!”

Mom: “Brother Xi What is shooting, Xiaoyan is relying on car skills, what do you rely on?”

Ye Wanwan: “I rely on my husband’s beauty!”

Mom: “Well, you won…”