Chapter 0 ( Sheng Chong Genius Magic Doctor)

Xue Qianyue sank in his thoughts, as if he hadn’t heard King Yama’s words at all, but everything around made Xue Qianyue full of the desire for knowledge, and desperately wanted to crack everything.

Is there a connection point between hell and the world?

King Yama saw the appearance of Xue Qianyue and waved his hand, revealing the current situation in the capital. All the buildings have long been dilapidated and eroded by the virus. Tiancheng District is full of piranhas. The former prosperous area is now Cheng’s hell on earth, compared to the real hell Xue Qianyue is now in, is a bit sad and miserable.

In the picture, Xue Qianyue saw that the home where she had lived for more than 20 years was already covered by strange plants, and the plants exuded a strong green air. Xue Qianyue showed a smile.

She has never been a good person. As for whether the world becomes purgatory, it has nothing to do with her. Maybe apart from Xue Qian, there has never been anyone caring about her in that world. Everyone knows that she is a doctor of medicine, a top scholar in the world, but no one. Knowing that she is most interested in biochemistry, she is also the most mysterious doctor of biochemistry.

The research on biochemistry has already surpassed medicine and medicine, but Xue Qian hopes that she can see hope and let her learn. But she didn’t know, officially because of the compliments of the world, she would end up in such a situation.

Xue Qian hopes that there is still a trace of light in her heart, not to be covered by darkness. Xue Qianyue understands and accepts this, but she doesn’t know that jealousy has already corroded the souls of the Xue family, and is infected with thick dark.

Xue Qian didn’t know that her death was caused by the jealousy of that success. Ruo Xueqian knew whether she would make the same decision.

In such a scene, Xue Qianyue showed a smile at the corner of her mouth, and Xue Qianyue was very satisfied with the new results.

Xue Qianyue’s smile completely angered the Yama, who feeds on human souls, and there are only a few people who can reincarnate. More often, the union of people is the birth of a new soul.

Now that the souls of all the people who have died have disappeared, they do not exist in the world, and they do not exist in hell, how is King Yama not angry.

Repent? She no, there is an end in life, but it is sooner or later.

“Xue Qianyue, the last chance, you know to repent.” The words were full of anger, and the little ghosts all around fell on the ground, afraid to make a move, for fear that it would anger King Yama, and the next one would be himself.


Repent? She doesn’t seem to feel a trace of it. She is quite satisfied with the new creatures she has studied. However, these new creatures can only last for three days. After three days, they will disappear without a trace. She is studying At the time, in order to prevent the spread, she was Xue Qianyue.

Those who can spend three days safely will get a new life, which is also a gift from heaven.

“Xue Qianyue turned the world into hell, but without a trace of remorse, someone came and threw Xue Qianyue into the nineteenth-layer blood sea purgatory of hell, letting her fly and annihilate with the blood sea soul.”

The suppressed voice of King Yama echoed in the Hall of Yama, and the kid before finally had a slight reaction, walked over and pressed Xue Qianyue.

The little ghosts couldn’t help trembling when they heard the blood sea purgatory. For them like the little ghosts, it was hell. Once they crossed the gate of the blood sea purgatory, they would immediately become annihilated, including King Yama, They can only reach the eighteenth level of hell, and have never gone down to the nineteenth level. The little ghosts did not expect that the Yama King would drive Xue Qianyue into the nineteenth level of Hell.

The blood sea purgatory is different from the blood sea hell. The little devil who has lived in the hell for many years knows nothing about the blood sea purgatory, and no little ghost has ever dared to approach it.

The blood sea hell on the thirteenth floor was enough to scare them, let alone the nineteenth floor, that mysterious place.

Regarding the actions of King Yama, the little ghost has a question. King Yama feeds on human souls. Why didn’t the souls eat the souls of Xueqiyue? The souls of people who died because of the biochemical plants developed by Xueqiyue also disappeared in the world. Soul Fei Annihilation did not come to hell. In the eyes of the little ghosts, Xue Qianyue is a rare food.

Xue Qianyue knew nothing about this.

Even King Yama, who is in charge of life and death, did not know the whereabouts of those souls.

In fact, King Yama also thought about eating Xue Qianyue’s soul, but I don’t know why. For Xue Qianyue, he has a trace of fear. That trace of fear let the Buddha infiltrate his soul, otherwise he would not show what he just said. Looks like, he is the only king of Yama, when has there been such a suffocated moment.

After hearing King Yama’s words, Xue Qianyue finally glanced at King Yama after reading everything around him, but she moved away soon, but she was very curious in her heart. After hearing various legends, there are only eighteen hells, but she didn’t expect it. , There are actually nineteen layers of hell.

She was already a demon, even if the nineteenth hell was there, there was no fear, from the moment she died, she was already fearless.

Xue Qiyue’s glance shocked King Yama’s body, and immediately waved his hand to let the little devil take Xue Qiyue to hell. For Xue Qiyue, for some reason, he had a kind of fear from the soul.

When leaving the Yan Luo Temple, Xue Qianyue glanced at the human world in the picture scroll for the last time, which happened to be part of the Xue family. She was very satisfied with the result, and her hatred and hatred were always resolved on the spot.

In the Purgatory of Blood, she has no fear at all. Whether in heaven or hell, she will not be bound by the environment in the future.

Blood Sea Purgatory, since Pangu opened the world, no one knows the true appearance of the gap left in the chaos. For this, it may be outside of Yama, ghosts, gods and demons, no creature knows here. Someone who knows might think that this is a part of hell, but it is actually another space close to hell, and even King Yama dare not approach it easily.

Xue Qianyue was taken by the kid to the entrance on the nineteenth floor, perhaps because of hell, Xue Qianyue didn’t have the slightest power to resist, because the soul was too weak to adapt to it for a while.

“Go in.” The little devil looked at Xue Qianyue and said with disdain. Yama is the overlord of hell. It was Yama King’s order to drive Xue Xiangyue into the blood sea purgatory. In his opinion, Xue Qianyue will be coming soon. Souls are scattered, the little ghost has been in hell for many years, without the slightest pity, perhaps such a newcomer or those sinful ghosts are their fun.

Xue Qianyue glanced at the kid, still showing no expression on her face, and walked directly into the gate of Blood Sea Purgatory, because at this moment, she had no power to resist. Seeing Xue Qianyue in, the little ghosts immediately closed the blood sea purgatory. At the gate, the trembling on his body was relieved a little, and he left immediately.

Bloody Purgatory, the whole purgatory is a enchanting red, full of a strong smell, spreading across the entire space, if the Yama Temple is full of blood, but the Bloody Purgatory is in the center of blood, every step I take, I feel It will be stained red with blood, and apart from the scarlet red, no other colors can be found in the entire space.