Chapter 0 (The Black Emperor’s 100 Days: Tsundere Sweet Wife)

Thinking of this, Gu Yisi lowered her eyes, her long thick eyelashes concealed the complex emotions in her eyes, and she didn’t know what kind of emotions were in her eyes.

Organizing her skirts, she didn’t want anyone to see her loss, and she would never allow herself to appear in front of anyone embarrassed.

Suddenly got up, just after taking a step, I heard a “tear” sound. The sound was so loud that everyone in the restaurant heard it. I raised my eyes and looked around. My heart was suddenly embarrassed, my heart beat faster, I was embarrassed, I wanted to be elegant , Self-confidence, and it turned out that something happened. I really wanted to find a hole to go in. The most important thing was that I was seen by Ye Min and An Mei. My eyes met Ye Min’s face looking at a joke. Gu Yisi couldn’t wait for it. Go up and slap him.

He stomped his feet angrily, glanced at his small mouth, disdainful, arrogant, and regardless of everyone’s eyes, he pulled the skirt that was still hanging on the table leg, the skirt was even bigger, and he glared at Ye Min. , Stepped on high heels and walked outside.

Ye Min looked at her back and couldn’t help but shook his head. This woman turned out to be so strong.

An Mei looked at Gu Yisi’s ugliness, secretly happy, and seeing Ye Min’s displeased expression, she cautiously said, “President, what’s the matter with you?”

Ye Min stretched out his hand and pressed his own Sun Xue, a little sad, and gently raised his hand, showing grace and faint prominence between his feet, and his tone was so calm that no one could notice his irritability, “It’s okay, It’s just a bit tired.”

He seems to be really tired. In just over a month, he seems to have exhausted all his energy. Gu Yisi has too many secrets. There is no such thing in this world that Ye Min can’t find and can’t do. Things, but these seem to have no effect at all in Gu Yisi’s place.

The information is as simple as boiled water, and there are no other clues. It seems that someone has deliberately erased everything, but there are too many secrets hidden in her body, and her purpose of approaching herself will not be so simple.

Gu Yisi suffocated his anger and returned to the office. She had never been so embarrassed since she was a child. She used to look at others making embarrassment. When did she ever be so embarrassed, all these things were bestowed by Ye Min.

Gu Yisi was raging into the sky, and a provocative, frivolous, mocking voice sounded, “Gu Yisi, how does it feel to throw a rock on your own foot?”

Gu Yisi had a dark face, and when he turned his head, he saw An Mei’s triumphant face, and he really wanted to go up and slap her twice.

How could her Gu Yisi be the object of ridicule so easily, suddenly the darkness turned clear, she naturally squeezed out a confident smile, and hugged her hands on her chest.

“I think this is very good, at least indirectly remind some people not to be affectionate.” Gu Yisi bit the words “love affection” very hard.

She was also reminding herself not to be affectionate, she was amorous, but she would not show anything to Ye Min in front of him.

When An Mei was said by her, her face was a little bad, and her little hands were tightly clasped together, “Gu Yisi, who do you think you are? Did you know after she became affectionate? At least the president even asked me to eat, you What? I deliberately wanted to get close to the president, but? I was disgusted.

An Mei confidently said that Ye Min asked her for dinner today. No matter what he thinks, he can at least use this incident to suppress Gu Yisi’s arrogance and hide all the humiliation bit by bit.