Chapter 0 (The First Esotericism)

Before Lan Xiang had time to react, several red lights scattered around Xue Nu’s body, and the entire top of the cloud began to vibrate violently.

“It’s spectacular!” Lan Yu sighed.

Spectacular? Lan Xiang didn’t feel it at all! He only knows that every red light is a piece of damage, this Tianwaixian is an ancient tomb, and the blood resistance is terribly low.

“If it continues to be so spectacular, your brother will be brave.” Xu Ling stared at the screen, and she knew Lan Xiang’s condition better than anyone else.

Well, this is exactly what Lan Xiang wants to say at the moment…

Lan Xiang’s positioning technology is already top-notch, but with such intensive damage, the health bar is still inevitably falling. Just about to click the drug shortcut, he saw that the character’s health suddenly increased by 10%.

“Concentrate on walking”, Xu Ling’s voice, at the same time, Xu Ling’s finger lightly fell on the medicine supply shortcut.

Lan Xiang instantly understood what she meant, no longer caring about the amount of blood, and focused entirely on the character’s position. Xu Ling watched the position of the Tianwaixian on the screen, calculated the cooling value of the medicine, and selected the appropriate medicine to increase the blood volume of the Tianwaixian again and again.

Thanks to Xu Ling’s joining, Lan Xiang was really relieved here, only paying attention to the position of Lan Xiang, dodge more accurately again and again. Even Lan Xiang himself began to lament the cooperation of the two. Cao played a role at the same time, one controlling the position and the other controlling the supply. The key is that the drug supply button cannot be pressed during the position. Only at the end of the first position and the beginning of the second position, can the supply of Cao work be performed. But now, the two of them, as if they had gone through countless exercises, Lan Xiang didn’t need to specifically leave Xu Ling any time space, the supply time was just right.

“Miss Ling is great! She can keep up with Brother’s rhythm.” Lan Xiang was very excited, and this feeling was really refreshing.

“CPS has been fighting with you for four years, can I not know your Cao habits?” In Xu Ling’s words, indeed, the cooperation of team control and main force is the key to team battles. Although there are many differences between CPS and Zhanjian’s occupational configuration and skill collocation, Lan Xiang is just walking in position without the release of skills. It is not very difficult for Xu Ling to grasp this rhythm.

After another move, the battle sound effect ended, the melody that Xue Nu sang before sounded again, the red light beam in front of her suddenly disappeared, the woman on the screen fell down, her long black hair instantly turned silvery white. Lan Xiang didn’t react, but Xue Nu immediately turned into a thousand light red fluorescent lights, scattered around. After the magnificence, only a wooden brocade box in the center of the screen was left. Lan Xiang’s mouse moved over and appeared to be pickable. status.

[System Tips]: Congratulations on completing the hidden task “Swing Sword and Cut Love Silk”. This task is the only one. Task reward: Snow Brocade Box (please pick it up in time).

Pick up in time? Is there a time limit? Lan Xiang hurriedly right-clicked the brocade box on the ground, and a white light flashed in the parcel bar.

“Look at what it is?” Xu Ling was very curious.

Lan Xiang also wanted to know, so he clicked on the package and right-clicked to open the box.

[System Tips]: Congratulations on getting the Snow Girl’s Hair and Tears of the Flower God.

Hovering the mouse on the object, only to see:

[Snow Girl’s Hair] Name: Snow Girl’s Hair;

Description: The thing left by the Snow Girl, the color is silvery white, and the Snow Girl’s emotions are located.

Attribute: Blade light and blood shadow, would rather follow.

[Tears of the Flower God] Name: Tears of the Flower God

Description: The remains of the Snow Girl, crystal clear and pure, where the soul of the Snow Girl is.

Attributes: Expand the field of vision, improve dodge power.

What kind of description is this? The attribute of Tears of the Flower God is still understandable, but that hair…”Sword and blood shadow, I would rather follow”, what kind of attribute is this?

“What’s this for?” Lan Xiang raised his head and looked at Xu Ling.

“Appear in the material bar, create raw materials, right?” Indeed, there are inventory, material, and task bars in the package. In the inventory are the weapons or armors that can be used directly, the task bar is the task items that need to be used during the mission, and the material bar is the raw material used for crafting.

“Ah? Can it be used for crafting?” Lan Yu, unlike these two, only had clearance and BOSS in his eyes. Lan Yu was really moved by the plot of the story. Knowing that the materials left by the snow girl can be used for crafting, I immediately eager to try.

What if you can put such a story in your own design and let the life of Snow Girl continue in the weapons you made? Lan Yu was already a little impatient.

“Is the account number given to you last time still there? After logging in the game, I will trade the materials to you”. Last time, in order to create the magic ball without affecting the leveling of Lan Xiang’s own character, Lan Xiang traded on Zhanjian’s account. The website helped Lan Yu buy a Hundred Flowers at level 57. In fact, it doesn’t matter what profession, as long as you pass level 50, you can build it.

“Well, I’m going to log in now.” Lan Yu turned off his AI design interface and logged in to the game directly.

Xu Ling also returned to his computer, downloaded the weapon attribute requirements of Tantric and Baihua classes from the forum, sorted out some forging stones and crafting materials in the package, and sent an email to Lan Yu.

“Xiao Yu, it’s up to you,” Xu Ling said briskly.

“Well, rest assured.” Although I don’t know much about games, Lan Yu has always been confident in herself. Since college, she has won many design competitions, so that words such as hesitation and uncertainty are no longer in her dictionary. .

After receiving Xu Ling’s email, Lan Yu immediately began to study. At this time, the mailbox was again a reminder of a new mail, which was sent by Lan Xiang.

“This is the material that has appeared in the current system. You can read it. Just say what material is needed. If I don’t have it, I will go to the game to collect it.” Compared with a weapon of a weapon, the amount of money for collecting materials is nothing at all. .

“Yes, pick the best material, your brother has money!” Xu Ling said casually.

“Sorry? You have gotten bonuses in Wind and Snow Paradise all these years?! You are ashamed to say that I have money!”

“I just said you have money, did I say that I don’t have money?” Xu Ling is also very smart, so he won’t go around on having money or not, so he turned the topic directly,” you pull Xiaoyu in Guild!”

“Pull her? She doesn’t upgrade her role, just for weapons?” Lan Xiang didn’t understand.

“If Xiao Yu plays a weapon, he needs to be systematic.”

There is no need for Xu Ling to say anything. The Star Wind and Snow Feathers Guild has just been established and is in the recruitment period. There is a talent for weapon crafting in the Guild. In the current environment where homemade weapons are scarce, there is no doubt that there is a great deal. competitive.

Lan Xiang didn’t say much, and greeted Ye Yuge, retired Tianwaixian, and re-logged Lan Feng’s account. In the guild management interface, immediately gave the 57-level Mu Xuexiaoyao, who bought a Lan Yu account before and sent an invitation to join the guild.

Then, several people did their own things. Lan Yu concentrated on studying the attribute collocation of various materials, and several people from Lan Xiang and Yeyu Pavilion got down to the level 79 five-person dungeon. Xu Ling chatted with Cheng Yu casually. As Xue Nu’s mission of “Past and Present” was the only one, Cheng Yu didn’t encounter hiding until the end of the fight.

“Brother, I feel that this time, it will be a super powerful weapon that surpasses the orange magic ball before you!” Lan Yu, who had been studying materials silently, suddenly said.