Chapter 0 (The Hero of the Red Chamber)

The imperial edict contained a lot of content. The eunuch read it for a while, but Daiyu only heard one sentence and only memorized a few words, like a spring thunder, thunderbolt in the blue sky, and her kneeling body swayed. At the same time, the little face turned pale, and the concubine Min passed away. Lin Hai used to be the teacher of the thirteen elder brothers. The teacher and apprentice had a deep affection. He gave a special decree to enter Beijing today to comfort the thirteen elder brothers. heart……

Brother Thirteen’s emperor passed away… Brother Thirteen’s emperor was gone?

What about the thirteen brothers?

As soon as her body softened, Daiyu plunged into darkness. Don’t be sad, Brother Thirteen, Yu’er’s heart hurts just like you.

“Yu’er, you are awake.” The father-in-law who declared the decree left, Daiyu woke up quietly under Jia’s mother’s worried gaze, opened her eyes, and she found that this boy was in Jia’s house and saw Mother Jia’s anxious expression, Daiyu smiled slightly, but the scene of the eunuch’s decree just appeared in her mind suddenly, her face turned ugly for an instant, and she struggled to get up and said, “Old ancestor, Yu’er just heard that there was a decree. , But Dad is going to Beijing?”

“It’s not here.” Mother Jia’s tone was very happy, obviously happy, she personally helped Daiyu’s small body and put her arms in her arms and whispered, “I said that your father is a blessed one. Well, really, I was promoted to a first-rank master and also a master prince, this is a great honor…”

“Then, Brother Thirteen’s mother…”

“Yes, it’s a pity that Zhang Jia’s mansion is gone. A good backer is gone.”


Daiyu’s eyes flashed, and she didn’t even bother to pay attention to Jia’s words for the time being, but felt that her whole heart was hurting. Thirteen brother’s heart was also hurting like this. Yu’er had no mother and father. , But Brother Thirteen, his father is the emperor, is the daddy of so many people, he has many sons and daughters besides Thirteen, will he be with Brother Thirteen well?

“How does the eldest girl feel about her body now, is she better?”

“Thank you second aunt, Yuer is much better already.”

“Well, that’s good, the eldest girl is weak, if you want to use anything you want to eat in the future, tell your aunt, just don’t feel wronged.”

“Thanks auntie.”

Daiyu smiled faintly. If she looked closely and found a hint of sarcasm in her eyes, she would say that she was in a coma for a while. After waking up, the second aunt had changed her temper, and she thought about it again. The temper is for the first-grade member of her father, is she can detect the scorching light in Jia’s eyes, hehe, it’s really ironic, this is my mother’s home. The maternal grandfather of a direct and direct relative…

“Old ancestor, second aunt, Yu’er is a little tired, let’s retire Rong Yu’er first.”

“Good job, Zijuan, hurry up, serve the big girl well.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The purple cuckoo and snow goose who was waiting in the outer room came in with a curtain, bowed to Jia’s mother and his wife, and shook her out of Jia’s house by personally supporting Daiyu. Seeing the figures of Daiyu gradually moving away, Jia Mu looked at Mrs. Wang with open eyes, “Madam, you have to pay more attention to Yu’er in the future. Master Lin will enter Beijing soon.” He is a member of the ranks, and he has always been an idea. The relationship between the two governments is good. In the future, how much we can rely on Jia Mansion?”

“The old lady can rest assured that the daughter-in-law will not be wronged by the eldest girl.”

“My old lady who is wronged and not wronged sees it, and the rumors outside should stop.”

“Yes, old lady.”

Mrs. Wang blushed, and instantly calmed down, she only reverently told Jia’s mother and left the house, thinking about it, and walking towards her own yard. Seeing that Jia’s mother meant to win over the Lin family, But that’s all, if you really manage the relationship between the Lin family, the position of the first-rank member wants to help Baoyu a lot, and only thinks of Daiyu’s beautiful and vulgar unparalleled beauty, and the pair of clear and transparent As if she could see through the hearts of the people, Mrs. Wang’s heart was finally a bit unwilling.

However, under Baoyu’s wealth and the future of the Jia Mansion, these Xu’s unwillingness was soon suppressed by her again, and she only hated in her heart. , That girl Lin is a good deed, so she just let her go, and see what happens on the road in the future.

Drunk Xiaxuan.

Daiyu retired everyone, leaving only the two daughters of Chunxian Thrush, “Can you two contact Brother Thirteen?”

“The girl wants to…”

Chunxian Thrush’s faces were not pretty. Their two daughters were Yinxiang’s girls, and they were given to Daiyu. Although they didn’t dare to complain, they held Daiyu as masters, but they were still loyal to Yinxiang. Yes, in the morning when I heard the imperial decree, the two women heard the news that Daiyu had fainted before they had time to confirm.

They didn’t dare to leave, but waited for Daiyu to wake up. When I saw Daiyu’s expression, I couldn’t help but circle her eyes. A layer of mist floated in front of the red eyes, “The girl waits a little longer, in the evening Chunxian will go to the palace.”

“Well, come over to me before you leave.”


“Go down, help me close the door, I want to have a quiet meeting.”

“Girl… don’t worry, you will be fine.”

“I know.”

Daiyu nodded, her barely smiling face was replaced by sorrow at the moment the door closed, her hand, unconsciously stroking the phoenix-tailed violin in front of the window, the sadness in her eyes grew thicker, and the violin was the 13th elder brother. I sent it, and looked around the whole room. What is a western clock, a small sailboat, a music box that can sing, and a room of weird goods are all thirteen. I was afraid that she was bored and collected it with all my heart, which caused Chun Xian to laugh. He said, “I’m afraid I’m going to bring all the things from my palace to the girl’s place.”

‘Daiyu even argued with Yinxiang for Chunxian’s words at the time. In the end, Yinxiang only smiled at the smiling face she had been with her for a long time. Temperament, no matter what is reasonable or unreasonable, no matter how unreasonable to make trouble, thirteen is just a low-pitched laugh with a smile on his face until he laughed at himself?

Treetops on the moon.

Daiyu was still not drowsy. She fell on the bed and turned over and over again with a sad expression of thirteen. Chun Xian, who went out to inquire about the news, has not yet returned. She didn’t understand Mrs. Zhang Jia’s words until this time. You will not regret these two girls if you only accept them. Yes, even she didn’t even think of it.

Chun Xian was very young but possessed good martial arts, while Thrush was proficient in all kinds of medical poisoning techniques. Such two people really gained treasures by their side. It’s just that Daiyu didn’t feel half-joyed during this meeting. She only felt that her mind became more and more gloomy. Brother Thirteen helped her think about everything from time to time, but she was in the most painful and most in need of company. Nothing can be done at times.

Brother Thirteen, Yu’er is really useless, right.

Just as Daiyu’s thoughts were ups and downs, one side of the window opened without wind. Following the sudden moonlight, a black shadow suddenly appeared in Daiyu’s room, through the faint The veil of the drapery, the visitor seemed to have intentionally alarmed Dai Yu, hummed softly, and came to Dai Yu’s bed in a flash. At the same time, Dai Yu had already opened her eyes and saw the figure in black flashing by. I was shocked but I didn’t see much panic. I only half-supported my body and said angrily, “Who are you?”

Let’s say that Daiyu was in a sleepy state last time. She was always a light sleeper. Now the person seemed to let her know that she was awakened as soon as the person came to Daiyu’s bed before the veil collapsed. Half-supported and sat up, even though his heart was flustered, but his face was not angered, “What do you mean by breaking into someone else’s boudoir at night in the middle of the night?”

Bang bang bang.

The man patted his hands, as if admiringly, with a low voice, “As expected of Lin Hai’s daughter, she has such courage at such a young age.”

“It’s you?”

Daiyu’s heart suddenly jumped wildly, and she recognized who this person was!

The visitor had never covered his face. He was dressed in black clothes and was cold and gloomy. His eyes were faintly looking at Daiyu under the silvery moonlight. His whole body melted under the moonlight. In a mysterious and cold breath out of thin air, in addition to this cold breath, Daiyu recognized this person’s identity at a glance…

Fourth elder brother Yinzhen!

“Four brothers?”

“Miss Lin has a good memory.”

Seeing Daiyu smile, Yinzhen raised her eyebrows, and then took a chair to sit down. She looked at ease as if he was in his own room. Daiyu was annoyed but she didn’t know what to do. She was smart but after all He was a seven or eight-year-old child. Just now, I had to endure the fear in my heart and deal with the people coming, but when I saw Yinzhen’s expression and eyes, after all, my heart was first born of timidity, and I just gritted my teeth at will. After finishing a coat, I was thinking of Dai Yuying’s heart beating when she got out of bed, and when she raised her head to look at Yinzhen, her eyes became angry, “What happened to Chunxian and Thrush?”


“Four brothers, your heart is made of iron? How did those two girls fall into such a bad hands after you?”

“It’s not pleasing to the eye, get in the way.”

“If the two of them die, I will definitely avenge them.”

“Lord is my elder brother, what can you do with me?”

“That’s the case, then please ask Brother Si to go out of my room, lest your condescending body is condescending.”

“You never end for the two girls and the master?”

“What’s the matter with the girl, the girl is not a human, does the girl have no father and no mother thinking?”


Doesn’t the girl care for the father or the mother?

Ha ha ha…

Yinzhen burst into laughter as the room was filled with silver pouring moonlight. Daiyu only frowned and pursed her lips and stood on the side of the couch, looking coldly at this person who felt extremely dangerous and weird in her eyes, even though she was very worried about the two girls who were guarding the spring and thrush in the outer room. I wonder if they are true.

Just as the person in front of her said’nothing’, but she also knew that as long as the person in front of her didn’t leave, she would definitely not be able to get out of this room. When she hesitated, Yinzhen’s eyes flashed strangely, and she returned to her cold expression, “Go to the palace with me.”