Chapter 1 the binding is successful

With the advent of May, the weather in Chengdu has turned on the summer mode, and the hot sun is hanging high in the sky.

This makes the well-known mood inexplicably irritable, such as now.

“Zhou Zhi, make this report ready, copy it and send it to my office.” The group leader’s voice came from behind Zhou Zhi.

“Group leader, isn’t this a report from the sales department?” Zhou Zhi took the file and looked through it. It said the big sales department’s first quarter summary.

“Well, it’s from the sales department. It’s coming today. Remember to send it when you’re done.” The team leader nodded lightly, then turned and left.

“But I’m from the purchasing department…” Zhou Zhi’s words were silently swallowed into his mouth.

Yes, I know that I have just graduated from a second-level university on the 24th of this year. The university majored in logistics, but after three months in the talent market, I finally joined this beauty salon company.

That’s right, it is the purchasing department of a wholesale company of beauty and hairdressing supplies, with a monthly salary of three thousand five thousand.

The company is not big, but there are many things. Doing things like this across departments has happened many times in the six months since Zhou Zhi came in.

Zhou Zhi pushed the anti-blue glasses on the bridge of his nose and complained: “I saw it as an old scalper. One person holds at least three positions and only has one salary.”

“The team leader asked you to make a report again? “The short-haired girl on the side tilted her head and asked, seemingly concerned.

“Yes.” Zhou Zhi didn’t say much, just nodded.

“Who knows that you are quick and good at making reports, the group leader is fancying your ability.” Although the short-haired girl is not standing, it is not obvious that she does not have a backache when she speaks.

Zhou Zhi was even more perfunctory this time, but he gave a soft hmm.

“Maybe you are going to be promoted, after all, you always work overtime.” The short-haired girl made a cheering gesture.

As Zu’an’s last liberal arts champion, this year’s Zuan champion, kind old onmyoji, gentle and easy-going, well-known, there are one hundred and one ways to come back.

But in the end he showed a polite but awkward smile.

“Xiaoqin gets off work, we’re leaving.” The girl sitting across from Zhou Zhi got up with her bag and spoke.

“Oh, here it is.” The short-haired girl, Xiaoqin nodded, got up immediately, and did not ridicule anymore, and left directly.

Zhou Zhi retracted his gaze, then looked at the documents on the table, took a deep breath and opened it.

When the group leader handed over the documents to Zhou Zhi, there were only a few minutes left to check in and get off work, so Zhou Zhi was in a bad mood, but had to pick it up. He had to pay for the monthly rent, water, electricity, gas and meals.

If you don’t pick up, I’m afraid it’s not far from changing jobs, and this year’s market is not good, and it’s hard to find a stable job.

“Those who can do more work, those who can do more work, although I am so self-comforting, but still a little angry.” Zhou Zhi muttered.

The sky darkened unconsciously, and the abdomen of the well-known abruptly made a cooing sound.

“I’m so hungry, it’s so late.” Zhou Zhi checked the time on the computer at 8:01.

Click the email to send. After confirming the success, Zhou Zhi quickly got up, picked up his mobile phone and walked out.

Of course, when passing by the clocking machine, I know I never forgot to clock in.

“Thank you.” The punch card made a mechanical sound, accompanied by the footsteps of Zhou Zhi leaving.

“What would you like to eat at this late hour?” Zhou Zhi walked to the bus stop, looking around for dinner.

I didn’t lock the target in my eyes, but I had an idea in my heart, and I decided it was a big cold noodle at the door of my house.

“When you get to the station, just go and buy it.” Thinking of this, Zhou Zhi quickly squeezed onto the bus.