Chapter 2 The first task

The crisp mechanical sound rang in the ears of the well-known, which made him open his eyes in a light sleep. Although sleepy, he picked up the phone and checked it for the first time.

“What the hell? The phone is not turned off?” Zhou Zhi mumbled and turned on the phone.

The screen of the phone lit up, and the dazzling light made Zhou Zhi a little bit unable to open his eyes. He squinted and adjusted to look at the phone.

At 4:25, the time was displayed on the phone.

“Huh?” Zhou Zhi looked at the blank mobile homepage in confusion, no notification or information was displayed on it.

Zhou Zhi put down the phone, and the room fell into darkness again. At this moment, the mechanical voice sounded again.

System: [Hello host, I am from a galaxy you don’t know, and the hotel system was invented by the famous Dr. b. ]

“Ha?” Some did not react well known, subconsciously sent out questions.

System: [This system will assist the host to open the most noble, luxurious, artistic and most expensive hotel in the world. ]

“Hotel? System?” Zhou Zhi sat up in the dark and leaned against the head of the bed.

System: [Yes, host. ]

Zhou Zhi heard the affirmative answer from the system and did not speak for a while, but fell silent quietly, thinking hard.

The delusion before going to bed appeared in the brain first, then the work, and then all the thoughts of knowing oneself, and finally fixed on the smile of the parents.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Zhi said again: “The system is right, it’s better to talk about your role first.”

System: [This system will assist the host to open the world’s most noble, most luxurious, most artistic and most elegant Expensive hotel. ]

This time the system repeated what I said in the previous paragraph, but I know what I was waiting for. Hearing this, he asked directly: “What does the assistant include?”

You must know that doing business and opening a hotel is naturally better than working, but where did the initial funding come from? What’s more, he studied logistics in college, which is inconsistent with hotels.

System: [The auxiliary method is the way the host does the task about the hotel to get rewards, including but not limited to various hotel necessities, as well as room upgrades and so on. ]

“That means I can get all kinds of goods and money for opening a hotel by doing hotel-related tasks, including the rooms that hotel guests stay in?”

System: [Yes, but the host needs to provide the venue independently. ]

Hearing the system’s answer, Zhou Zhi breathed a sigh of relief. He had just deliberately added money to the question, and the system’s answer made Zhou Zhi relieved a lot.

“Ok the last question, then what can I get?” Zhou Zhi asked realistically and straightforwardly.

System: [One of the best hotels in the world. ]

“Alternatively, you should be mechanical, but I am a human and need food and clothing.” Zhou knew.

System: [This hotel itself and its operating income are all owned by the host. ]

“Okay, the deal.” Zhou Zhi responded readily.

System: [Post the initial task, does the host accept it? ]

“Accept.” Zhou Zhi nodded.

System: [Initial task: Own a hotel of your own, not rentable. ]

[Task time limit: None]

[Task reward: Decoration package 1]

“Own your own hotel? Is the first one so difficult?” Zhou Zhi was a little surprised.

After all, it is too difficult to own a hotel in a new first-tier city like Rongcheng, and I can’t help but frown.

After thinking for a while, Zhou Zhi suddenly said, “Do you have any panel in the system that allows me to intuitively see my current situation?”

System: [ Yes . ]

Host: Well-known

Age: Twenty-four years old

Gender: Male

Owning hotel: 無

Hotel address: None