Chapter 3 Mission Not Completed

The well-known hometown is Zhaoqiao Town in Meizhou City, which is actually not very far from Rongcheng. If you drive, you can get to the market in the town in three hours and twenty minutes.

The bus needs to transfer and it takes four hours to get to the downtown of Meizhou City.

There is a shuttle bus to downtown Meizhou at Dongmen Station in Rongcheng every day. When you reach Meizhou, you can transfer to Zhaoqiao Town in an hour and a half.

Of course, when you get to the town, you need to take a motorcycle and drive for twenty minutes to get to the well-known real hometown.

Therefore, it was already half past two in the afternoon when I arrived at Zhaoqiao Town on the same day. At this time, the town was sparsely populated. Only a few big red motorcycles were parked there in the shade of the trees beside the bridge.

This is the motorcycle. Of course, these motorcycles are not formal. People who have nothing to do in the family come out to make some extra money.

When Zhou Zhi approached, several people were smoking cigarettes and chatting.

“Will Honghu Village go?” Zhou Zhi asked directly.

When several middle-aged men heard the well-known local accent, they immediately said: “Go, ten yuan and leave right away.”

“Last time I came back, it only cost eight yuan, why is it ten yuan this time.” Zhou Zhi did not get in the car immediately. , But asked.

“Isn’t it because the price of oil has risen, now there are ten yuan everywhere, not eight yuan, and the road in Honghu Village is still difficult to walk.” The man immediately said with a simple face.

“I only came back a month ago. Wherever it went up so quickly, eight yuan is fine. Besides, the road here is hard to walk. I am from Honghu.” Zhou Zhi shook his head.

“The young man is from Honghu Village, and that line costs eight yuan.” The middle-aged man nodded.

“Thank you, master.” After saying that, Zhou Zhi sat directly in the back seat of the middle-aged man’s car.

The motorcycle started quickly, and the journey was quite exciting, because the road to Honghu Village or all the villages under the jurisdiction of Zhaoqiao Town was difficult to walk.

The road from the village to the town is still a yellow mud road. Fortunately, it will be a little dusty on a sunny day. If it rains, it will be really muddy.

Honghu Village is even worse. The roads in other villages are at least not sloped, but Honghu Village has large and small slopes.

From a distance, the road looked like undulating hills and winding snakes. In short, there was no flat place.

Therefore, this journey can be said to be very exciting.

“Why the young man is coming back? It’s not every season.” While driving the car, the master asked.

“Come back to my hometown and have a look.” Zhou Zhi replied, turning his head.

“Oh, it’s okay to come back and have a look. Many of the young people who have gone out now do not come back for the New Year. We are too poor here. The road is still like this for so many years. It’s boring to come back. It will delay you young people. Come back.” The master sighed with emotion.

“Yeah.” As Zhou Zhi, who did not return to his hometown during the Chinese New Year this year, he responded with embarrassment and said nothing.

The sudden noise of the motorcycle drove all the way to Honghu Village, and soon arrived at the junction of Honghu Village and Hongyan Village, and the master spoke again.

“Where is the young man going to Honghu?” the master asked.

“It’s on the stone bridge under the slope in front.” Zhou Zhi took advantage of the upward slope and pointed to the faintly visible stone bridge road ahead.

“Okay, I’ll be there soon.” The master responded.

Said it was right away, but it was only five minutes later.

After getting off the car and paying the money, the master got on the motorcycle and turned and left.

Standing on the old stone bridge, you can vaguely see a tiled house hidden in the bamboo forest on the slope, and there is the well-known hometown there.

Under the stone bridge is a shallow river, the water is very shallow, shining silver in the sun, and it is known that small fish were caught underneath as a teenager.

“It’s been a long time since I came back. Fortunately, I brought the key with me.” Zhou Zhi touched the side pocket of the backpack, making a sound of screaming in it.