Postscript 1

Rongcheng in 2035, or Meizhou, is not right, it should be said that Shou County has become completely different.

Ten years ago, no one could have imagined that China’s fifth super metropolis would appear in a prefecture-level county.

Even if this county is the most populous county in Sichuan Province, after all, it does not rely on the sea, and it is not a place with convenient transportation.

Even those big investors will invest a little bit because it is not far from Chengdu, but how can it be the turn of large-scale investments in this place.

But now it’s completely different here.

“Sister Liu, who are we going to receive today, and made a special trip to the airport in Shou County.” The new photographer named Chen Pu is very young, with a few pimples on his face, and wearing a pair of black glasses. Asked curiously while looking at the camera.

“You said that you have been transferred to our Baige Daily for half a month. It is still unclear what big day is today. Tell me about what you are doing every day.” The girl named Liu Jie shouldn’t be said to be a woman. Said with a serious face.

“Hey, I haven’t been busy getting familiar with the surroundings of Shanye Hotel recently.” Chen Pu scratched his head and smiled.

“Okay, it’s a serious matter to be familiar with Boss Zhou’s hotel, forgive me once.” Sister Liu nodded and said nothing.

“Then what’s the matter with Sister Liu?” Chen Pu asked again.

“Today is the day when Boss Zhou held the Fifth Hotel Industry Conference, and those practitioners in the hotel industry at home and abroad will come over today.” Sister Liu said.

“Ah? Is it today? No wonder Shou County is so lively today.” Chen Pu looked at the people around him in surprise.

“Well, today.” Sister Liu said.

“Then why do they no longer get off at the airport in Zhaoqiao Town but have to get off here in Shou County?” Chen Pu asked curiously.

“The airport in Zhaoqiao Town and the airport of the Shanye Hotel are all for hotel guests. These people are only for meetings. Of course, boss Zhou will not give them special exceptions. What’s more, boss Zhou is doing global business now. President of the Hotel Association.” Liu Jie said of Boss Zhou with a proud look.

“That’s true. Boss Zhou is really amazing. It’s a pity that I haven’t met Boss Zhou yet.” Chen Pu said regretfully.

“I’ve seen and interviewed. Just when Boss Zhou made a donation to his hometown Honghu Village for road construction for the first time, Boss Zhou was young and handsome and easy-going.” Sister Liu said proudly.

“Well, I’ve also heard of Liu Jie, you interviewed Boss Zhou.” Chen Pu also nodded immediately.

Yes, when Sister Liu was in Baige Daily or Xiaoliu, she was sent to interview the Ma County Party Committee’s going to the countryside, and then we interviewed Zhou Zhizhou’s boss by the way, but it was a rare experience, although she has also done it for Zhou Zhi since then. Interview, but it is not what they can go to Baige Daily.

But also because of Zhou Zhi and his Shanye Hotel directly feed their Baige Daily, and even Zhaoqiao Daily.

The newspapers are only supported by the general knowledge. Now Zhaoqiao Town, no, Shouxian and Meizhou all need to rely on Shanye Hotels to live.

Only the linen, daily necessities, convenience food, fruits and vegetables needed by the hotel are enough to completely solve the surplus labor force of the whole city, or even far from enough, and people need to be recruited from other places.

However, due to the well-known reasons of prioritizing the development of the local area, locals can have priority in employment. Therefore, the legendary Shuangliu enriched the entire Shuangliu County with an airport, while the current Meizhou City enriched the entire city with the well-known Shanye Hotel. , And directly jumped to become the fifth super metropolis.

Shou County is now full of high-rise buildings, and housing prices have soared to an average price of 31,000 square meters, which is not the most expensive.

The most expensive place is the closest place to the Shanye Hotel. There are beautiful small western-style houses in every household, and the houses over there are simply priceless.

“The Shanye Hotel is too big now, much larger than that of a seven-star hotel, but last time I heard Zhou’s boss said that he did not plan to expand, but because of this it is said that the provincial leaders still came to ask if there are any difficulties. That’s it.” Chen Pu said.

“How could Boss Zhou be in trouble? Boss Zhou is a goldsmith in the financial world, so he is not short of money.” Sister Liu waved her hand.