She’s a real daughter, she’s an all-around boss

True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss
Other names: 真千金她是全能大佬
Author: Qing shallow
Genre: romance, novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Ying Zijin, the former big man, woke up and became the youngest daughter of the Ying family for fifteen years, and the Ying family decisively adopted a child to replace her.

After returning to the rich, everyone ridiculed her that she was not as smart and capable as the fake daughter, and she was sensible and elegant.

The parents even regarded her as a family taint and warned her not to think about the position of the eldest lady. If there is an adopted daughter by the name, she should be acquainted, or she will be sent back.

Ying Zijin : Let’s go, don’t send it.

While we celebrated happily at the Ying family, when everyone else was sitting and watching the real daughter jokes, bigwigs from various fields were dispatched one after another——

The top-ranking actor with the top 1 fan combat power: Miss Ying has anything you need, just ask.

Heir to the chaebol who monopolizes the global economy: Yingjia? what? Boss, just kill it, right?

The first hidden ancient warrior in China: Who dares to bully the master?

A genius boy with an IQ of 228: My sister.

The man with the most enchanting face curled his lips and smiled, sloppy and lazy: “Okay, call me brother-in-law.”

Big guys:? ? ?

The identity of the true daughter of the original boss recovered overnight, the whole network exploded, and the Ying family went crazy, crying and kneeling and begging her to come back.

International Giant Family: Excuse me, let me introduce you, this is our eldest lady.


Chapter 1 The Return of the Fortuneteller