Nice to Meet You – 最美不过遇见你

Nice to Meet You – 最美不过遇见你
Other name: Zui Mei Bu Guo Yu Jian Ni, The most beautiful but I met you
Genre(s): Romance, School, Youth, Drama
Release: April 23, 2021
Episode(s): 24
Country: China
Broadcast: iQiyi
Director(s): Cheng Yu Xing
Cast: Peng Chu Yue, Han Mu Yi, Xu Kai Xin, Fu Wei Lun, Liu Zi Ye


Xia An Sheng, a second-year high school girl, transferred to Chenguang College with an unknown purpose. She became the same table with the campus bully Mo Ze Chen, and lived under the same roof with her aunt and stepson who hated her. Xia An Sheng, who wanted to leave quietly after achieving her goal, was pushed to the cusp of the storm due to the ensuing accidents while getting along with Mo Ze Chen and Yan Mu, running counter to her original goal. In addition, the seemingly peaceful high school campus is not only surging with the youth hormones that have just begun but also filled with youth and ignorance to struggle with good and evil. When Xia An Sheng’s secret is discovered, where should she go?