Overbearing imperial imperial wife

Overbearing imperial imperial wife
Other names: 霸道御少妖孽妻
Author: Xiju Status
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The rich and powerful Bingzhou head Meng Jiehun wore a real daughter who had just been retrieved by a wealthy family. He was treated as a mobile blood bag, and he was not seen everywhere at home. Father: “Meng Jie acts arrogantly and domineeringly, and he doesn’t have to be clever and sensible to look at without dyeing clothes.” Yu Chi: “I love all kinds of madams, and no matter how arrogant and domineering, I will take care of him.” Brother: “I only recognize Zheng.

Dye is my sister. The jewelry designed by Dye has won awards and is extremely excellent. Meng Jie is still far from it.” Yu Chi: “Madam is not talented. Designed works dominate the sales list all the year round, and the brand is almost monopolized. “Aunt: “Dyeing and painting is a magical brush! Meng Jie? Who is that?” Yu Chi: “My wife is low-key, but she is the richest artist, nothing more.” Tarot fortuneteller, group decision maker… The vest dropped, Zheng Ranyi


Chapter 1 Relying on I’m the Zheng Family’s Daughter