Housewives are not easy to chase

Housewives are not easy to chase
Other names: 宅女老婆不好追
Author: Ye Wei
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


A woman is squeamish and never asks much, just hold her in the palm of her hand to pet; a
man is bad-hearted, accustomed to drowning small women, it is very cost-effective to go to bed.

Su Qiaoan and Jiang Haicheng were born in the same year, the same month and the same day.
On her ninth birthday, she saw Jiang Haicheng, who was chased by her family, and he snatched the rice ball from her hand. Since then, Jiang Haicheng has come to her every day.

On her eighteenth birthday, she gave the first night to Jiang Haicheng, and was tossed by him all night.
She naively thought that Jiang Haicheng liked her, but she was nothing but affectionate.
Six years later, Jiang Haicheng asked her cynically, Su Qiaoan, would you like to associate with me?

Su Qiaoan felt that he shouldn’t be fooled by this man. He was a super liar. When he gave her a birthday present, he came downstairs to her; when he was sick, he went to her house, and when he was discharged from the hospital , he went into her room to occupy her bed. When he drove him farther away, he was brutal hair, and directly pressed her to bed to toss him, and asked her shamelessly when to give him his position.

Su Qiaoan asked with shaking his legs: “Jiang Haicheng, can’t we not associate?”
Jiang Haicheng pressed her and said, “Then we will do it every day, until we associate.”
He said every day… he still misses every day! Su Qiaoan trembled with care,
after being watched by Jiang Haicheng, she should be able to escape this unsatisfied pervert!