Cooking in the Monster Shelter

Cooking in the Monster Shelter
Other names: 在怪物收容所做美食
Author: Ji Ying
Genre: Novel, Romance, Supernatural
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


A new employee named Lin Yu came to the Qichuan Supernatural Asylum. Lin Hao was born pure and white, speaks gentle and gentle, smiles when she sees everyone, and loves cooking and chattering when she has nothing to do. In the sugar-coated cannonballs of delicacy, the big demon kings who have let all mankind heard the news silently put away their killing intent, and regarded the seemingly weak newcomers as their daughters. Everyone thought she was an ordinary pastry chef, until one day Lin Hao slapped an end to the Yanlong who was running away. “Pastry chef?” She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and smiled harmlessly. “No, I am the new task force captain.”

Concubine Lin is a weird person. When encountering the ghost of the abandoned school, the other party tossed to tears; When confronted with a patient with a mutant mental illness, everyone was frightened and screamed and ran away; When hunting man-eating cat monsters, they are trained to be subdued by the tricks of teasing cats and furrying them. For the task force members, every mission used to be a serious gamble of a life of nine deaths. And now, they just want to eat melons and watch how the captain holding the villain’s script makes a fuss.