Genius Girl Photo Teacher

Genius girl photo teacher
Other names: 天才少女相师, The genius girl photomaster
Author: Murong Xi
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: April, 2021
Status: Ongoing


Li Xiruo, a master of Xuanmen who has lived for more than a thousand years, was reborn in an 18-year-old girl! As soon as he didn’t want to open his eyes, Xiao San brought the nun to the door, saying that Li Xiruo and her cheap mother were the destiny of Father Kovker. Li Xiruo: “Dare to ask the teacher Taifa name?” The nun folded her hands and said: “Poor nun law name Qingxuan.”

Li Xiruo raised his eyebrows lightly, and jokingly said: “The upper half of the blue character looks like a new character, and the second half of it is used for education. The second half of the word. The teacher came out with Liujia to earn this ignorant money, is not afraid to damage the child’s yin virtue?” This is an old monster who has lived for a thousand years and changed his life through the girl’s skin. The story of wind and water.